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WWE confirms Titus O'Neil suspension

While there are no new details in the confirmation Pro Wrestling Sheet got from WWE about Titus O'Neil's suspension, the company did confirm the length and official cause to Ryan Satin.

Off the road for three months due to "unprofessional conduct".

As described and illustrated via GIF in our earlier post here, the end of the post-Raw celebration following Daniel Bryan's retirement speech had the roster on stage after doing a YES chant for the Grand Slam champ. The segment that initially aired on WWE Network and YouTube showed Titus grabbing Vince McMahon's arm. The Superstar was smiling, as were many around him, leading most to see it as a joke.

If that's what it was, it was poorly timed, at least from the Chairman's perspective. McMahon shoved O'Neil away as the shot faded out and that was the last we heard of it... until this morning.

Though a publicly traded company, WWE is still controlled by Vince, the McMahon family and their closest associates, and their talent agreements are private since wrestlers are independent contractors. We likely won't receive any more information about this unless WWE wants us to have it (which is unlikely) or if Titus breaches his contract over it (and at 38 years old and only having ever wrestled for one company, that seems even more unlikely).

Seems we've seen the last of the Florida Gator until May, at the earliest.

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