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Dr. Shelby offers tips for managing your anger regarding Daniel Bryan's retirement

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Daniel Bryan was always going to be popular with a certain segment of the WWE audience who'd followed him through Ring of Honor and other smaller promotions. His underdog look and natural charisma would take him far, regardless of anything else.

But it was during his time as Kane's tag team partner that he morphed from an upper mid-card arrogant heel to a universally beloved babyface. And the comedy skits Team Hell No did with comedian and actor Michael Aspinwall of The Groundlings were instrumental in Bryan taking the leap.

So it's both fitting, funny and touching that Aspinwall released an in character video to mark the occassion of Bryan's retirement from pro wrestling and WWE. Dr. Shelby has some kind words for the prize student of his Anger Management Academy, and some good advice for all of us still coming to grips with his exit.

Check it out, and then watch an old anger management skit to remember the good times.

If that doesn't work, grab your balls.