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Report: Titus O'Neil suspended for interaction with Vince McMahon at the end of Daniel Bryan's retirement ceremony

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WWE on YouTube
UpdateThe suspension has been reduced after heavy backlash.

According to PWInsider, Titus O'Neil was sent home from last night's SmackDown taping in Portland, Oregon after being informed that he was being suspended for "unprofessional conduct".

The incident which triggered the ban was allegedly a much commented upon moment with Vince McMahon on stage during the Raw over-run following Daniel Bryan's show-ending retirement speech. The segment, which aired live on WWE Network and YouTube, ended with Bryan walking through the assembled roster on his way backstage. After he passed, O'Neil could be seen to grab McMahon in what looked like a joking manner manner, and which Mike Johnson described as a "playful, physical way". Vince shoved him back as Triple H looked on and Stephanie McMahon moved away from their interaction.

Whether it was because of inappropriate timing or something else, the move greatly upset the Chairman and lead to the suspension.

You can see their interaction here:

As of now, that's the only place you'll see the incident, as WWE has pulled the footage down from the Network and YouTube, presumably to edit out these few seconds.

While there's no official word from the company, PWInsider pegs the suspension at 90 days, which would mean Titus will miss out on a potential WrestleMania payday.

More information as we have it, Cagesiders.

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