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Randy Orton on his SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar: Would have liked to ‘have looked a little better’ but thinks they ‘created a buzz’

USA Today

Been a while since we’ve re-visited what was, at the time, a pretty controversial ending to SummerSlam 2016.

Randy Orton has gone on to what looks like it might be a career-rejuvenating move to join the Wyatt Family, and Lesnar was repaid in kayfabe karma with a similarly swift loss to Goldberg in his next pay-per-view (PPV) appearance at Survivor Series.

But the bloody TKO finish which led to Orton being legitimately concussed, plus the Chris Jericho/Lesnar behind-the-scenes fight which followed, are part of wrestling legend. So the Viper speaking about it on the record is noteworthy.

That’s what he did, as part of an interview with USA Today’s For the Win blog to promote his upcoming guest starring turn on USA Network’s Shooter. And Randy counts the match as a success, but does seem to have some reservations:

I could have looked a little better that night and that would have helped me a lot regardless of the finish and not hurt Brock’s character at all. But the fact that you’re asking me about it three-four months later, means we created a buzz. But the fact that I had a concussion and was out for three weeks and wasn’t able to do anything pissed me off.

It’s pretty clear he doesn’t blame Lesnar for the concussion. In discussing that match, and his move to speak to Shane McMahon’s family at ringside during the one they were involved in at Survivor Series when it appeared McMahon had suffered a head injury, proves that Orton sees those things as part of the business, or as he puts it, “we knew what we were signing up for”.

But it does sound like he might have liked to get a few more licks in on the Beast Incarnate, even knowing it wouldn’t change the outcome.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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