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Tye Dillinger and the Miz are beefing on Twitter, and that’s Perfectly Awesome

NXT star Tye Dillinger was doing a Twitter Q & A while traveling between shows on the brand’s Australian tour earlier today.

Even if you don’t watch NXT at all, you probably know a little something about Dillinger. He’s a 35 year old on his second stint in WWE Developmental, but after years of being championed as a top notch performer by the likes of Kevin Owens and Tyson Kidd, he recently stumbled on a gimmick, The Perfect Ten, that people adore.

And I mean fans LOVE him and his schtick. “TEN” chants have broken out at main roster WWE shows and independent ones in other countries. It’s the biggest thing outside of “DELETE”.

Anyway, Tye’s answering fan questions on social media, and someone asks who he’s never worked with that he’d like to wrestle. And he responds:

Now, he tagged the man in his answer, so you know Miz will respond. But what you’re wondering (and by you, I mean me) is, does that mean they know something we don’t?

Back to the business at hand... Miz’s response is, unsurprisingly, AWESOME:

Tye’s ready, though, and a good exchange follows:

But Miz’s last word is the one that really gets my hopes up, as it tags SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and draws their long-running issues into this online mini-angle:

I realize I’m WAY into wishful thinking and fantasy booking territory here, but the Perfect Ten is reaching a point where NXT either needs to try him as a main eventer or let him see what he can do at the next level - and they don’t seem inclined to try him as a main eventer.

SmackDown is a show that could really use some babyfaces in their singles’ scene, especially now that Dolph Ziggler has been taken out of the Intercontinental title picture.

See what I’m getting at here?

Twitter stuff, fun as it is, doesn’t mean there’s any Vince McMahon-approved plans in place. See any number of Bryan teases regarding trades/contract signings between Raw and his show. A program that also includes a NXT call-up is a really long longshot.

But it makes a lot of sense, and would kick all kinds of ass.

Who’s with me in keeping this pipe dream alive?

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