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New Day will defend their titles against both Sheamus & Cesaro and Anderson & Gallows next week


Tonight (Dec. 5, 2016) on Raw from Austin, TX, there was a number one contenders match to decide who would face the New Day next week for the tag team titles. The match pitted Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Anderson & Gallows (lotta bald dudes right there).

New Day watched from ringside and as the two teams in the match got to fighting out of the ring, the fight spilled onto the New Day and it ended up turning into a three team brawl. That forced the ref to call for the bell.

This led to the announcement that all three teams (New Day, Sheamus/Cesaro, & Anderson/Gallows) would face each other next week in a triple threat match for the tag team titles.

Cole mentioned tonight that next week, the New Day will have tied Demolition’s record for the longest reigning tag team of all team. If they survive the triple threat match, they will break it. That’s pretty big stakes for next week’s title match.

Who’s excited?

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