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WWE TLC 2016 results: Baron Corbin beats up Kalisto

The only way to settle a feud that features multiple chair shots to the back is a CHAIRS match. That’s exactly what Kalisto and Baron Corbin did on the pay-per-view (PPV) card at tonight’s (Sun., Dec. 4, 2016) TLC event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

They got going right away:

They quickly went right into Corbin using his size and strength to viciously beat on his much smaller foe. Kalisto had to pull out all the stops in his offense, including using a row of chairs set up in the ring to land a seated senton:

They continued going back-and-forth, including Kalisto hitting an insane moonsault with knees onto a chair draped over Corbin. He had Baron on the ropes for some time, until the Lone Wolf blasted him in mid-air with one chair, then hit End of Days onto a group of chairs laid out in the ring.

That was enough to get the win.

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