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That time Ryback whacked Hornswoggle to ‘put him in his place’

Gwyneth Paltrow And Tracy Anderson At Licensing Expo 2013 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for The Licensing Expo

You may have forgotten about Ryback since he left WWE earlier this year but he’s still trying to keep his name out there with his podcast, “Conversation With The Big Guy.” One of the ways he does so is by telling stories from his time with WWE, including one on a recent episode involving Hornswoggle.

Check this out:

"[Hornswoggle] would fuck around sometimes. He did something in the locker room once. And we would always kind of, like, he and I we would, like, [say] 'come here' and it was a little thing with us and he'd give me a little slap on the cheek. And it was all in good fun and nobody would ever be around. It was kind of like how you develop little things with different guys. Like, me and certain guys have certain handshakes. And then, that was a thing with us. 'Come here' and then, the big monster, Ryback, and Hornswoggle would give a little slap on the cheek and he would say something smart ass or something. Well, one time, I was in the locker room. He did something and he slapped me and he did it hard and he did it a little too much and he did it in front of everybody, so I had to teach him and fucking whack him and like fucking put him in his place. And it killed me. It broke my heart to have to do it, but I had to do it. And he never ever did it again."


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