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Brock Lesnar squashed Rusev in his first appearance since being squashed by Goldberg at Survivor Series

There was never much of a chance WWE would use the loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series as anything other than a story about Brock Lesnar’s rivalry with the WCW legend who now hold two wins over the Beast Incarnate. But there was the possibility they might use it further break down Brock’s character - saying the defeat in Toronto “broke” him, leaving Lesnar vulnerable to other Superstars - which intrigued some fans.

But based on Lesnar’s appearance at their Dec. 3 live event in Mexico City (his first since his loss on pay-per-view (PPV) in November), those fans are going to be disappointed, because they won’t be going that way.

#BrockLesnar fights in Mexico for the first time EVER! Chaos is sure to come...

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When Brock faced Rusev in Arena de Cuidad Mexico, it was back to business as usual. Paul Heyman’s client dispatched the Bulgarian Brute in approximately five minutes of suplexes, followed by a F5, to send the Saturday night house show to intermission.

It’s what everyone should have expected. Heyman’s interview on last Monday’s Raw pointed toward an angry Brock returning to send a message to the man he’ll next see in the Rumble match on Jan. 29, 2017, and Rusev’s role as mid-carder who puts over main eventers is well established at this point.

So, the Beast is back. Question is... does that you more or less excited for the build to the Rumble?

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