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Some WWE fans are voting Nikki Bella the best female star of 2016

We’re always all over the polls WWE puts up on its website, because it’s a fascinating look at how the “fan who is something more than a casual and something less than a hardcore” feels about various issues. Today, a poll is currently up on asking for the top female star in 2016 and, as of this writing, here are the results:

That’s really something considering she missed the first eight months of the year rehabbing a serious neck injury. Her final four months were, apparently, just that good, and somehow better than anything Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks did.

For whatever it’s worth, AJ Styles has a gigantic lead in the same poll for men, as he has 52-percent of the vote. Roman Reigns is in second place with 11-percent. If anything, that result makes this one even more baffling.


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