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John Cena is above Roman Reigns' merch check jokes

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens were having a good laugh the past couple of days while ribbing each other about how much money they make.

Recently returned SmackDown Superstar John Cena wanted to let them know that kind of stuff was beneath him, and he did so in pretty much the most alpha male way possible - with a bodybuilding video filmed in the Big Dog’s yard (Roman attended Georgia Tech and played football for the Yellowjackets):

Any time Cena calls out another wrestler like this, it’s gonna be noteworthy, and he knows that - just look at his Instagram for evidence of how aware the 15 time champ is that he can get the internet to overanalyze his every whim.

But, while I wouldn’t say “heel turn” just yet, the character we’ve seen since his return on this week’s SmackDown has a bit of an edge to him. Cena and WWE are definitely giving the audience something to think about by portraying him as an aging champ who’s come back to show all these guys who think they can be the biggest star in WWE - like AJ Styles, or Reigns - that he’s not done yet.

Given that Vince McMahon has pulled out just about every other stop to turn the Big Dog into the next Cena, can we really rule anything out?

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