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Kurt Angle is apparently saying he’s returning to WWE in 2017

This again.

Earlier this month, WWE wished Kurt Angle a “Happy birthday” and fans had their moment to wonder what it might mean and what could be. It was just a moment, of course, because, despite the many rumors over the years, he’s not returning to WWE, right?



The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required but recommended) reports that Angle is telling promoters he is no longer accepting independent wrestling dates — he has two matches scheduled against Alberto El Patron and Cody Rhodes, but nothing otherwise — and he’ll be going back to WWE in April of next year. The Observer is sure to note that he’s said this before and nothing came of it.

Earlier this year, he claimed there was mutual interest but a return would be “a year or two away.” That’s after he claimed it was most likely happening next year.

This dance might just go on forever.

That said, WWE is running out of names to use as headliners for Hall of Fame classes and Angle would certainly fit the bill for Orlando next year, assuming he’s retiring soon like he’s talked about.

Stay tuned.

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