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Big Show isn’t dead

Here’s a weird, and dumb, and pretty much evil, one.

You may not have heard, for which you should consider yourself fortunate, but apparently some fake news/dirt screen-type website went trolling for hits earlier this month and reported WWE’s Big Show dead in a car accident.

The Associated Press this morning (Dec. 28) debunked the report after contacting WWE, and noticing Show was Tweeting gym selfies earlier this week.

Here’s the AP’s notice of Show being, well, not dead:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A story reported by a blog called "WWE" that claimed professional wrestling star "Big Show" had died in a car accident is false.

Chris Bellitti, a spokesman for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., (WWE) said Tuesday that the "Big Show," whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II, is alive and well. He also said the blog site is not affiliated with the legitimate WWE site.

On Dec. 10, the short, poorly written blurb claimed the star had been admitted to a hospital and died.

On Monday, the 44-year-old tweeted a photograph of himself training in the gym. The tweet was reposted by WWE's official Twitter account.

Glad Show’s okay, even if I’m not pumped for his latest celebrity WrestleMania match.

More importantly, and all jokes aside, let’s hope anyone who was upset by this bit of fake news is reassured by the clarification.

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