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Sasha Banks jumps on Twitter for a second, riles up the internet

There are a couple of things Sasha Banks reTweeted recently - both from an account whose gimmick is Miss Piggy talking to her “inner” self as a Sith lord - which we present as context for the other Tweets we’re here to discuss.

Got it?

With a few minutes to kill this afternoon, the Boss got on Twitter and did what her “Inner me” suggested by quote-Tweeting a few recent messages that had been sent her way.

First, she followed in Cesaro and Sami Zayn’s footsteps, quickly teasing a desire to be on SmackDown:

Then, she threw a little shade on Dave Meltzer (who, while he hasn’t rated her matches with Charlotte on the main roster that highly, actually Tweeted out a pretty glowing assessment of her skills earlier):

And, after an Instagram about a tattoo studio (which will also stir up plenty of $#!+ in its own right for fans who either do or do not want their Sasha tat-ed up), she was gone, leaving us to over-analyze five words and one emoji.

Twitter is more fun when Sasha listens to her inner Boss.

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