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Mick Foley reportedly undergoes hip surgery

UPDATE: Turns out DDP’s well wishes, and this post, were premature. Foley explained his situation here.

After some back-and-forth reports about time off, it looks like Raw General Manager Mick Foley will be out for a while. Foley was said to have requested time off due to a hip condition that was causing him a lot of pain - especially when travelling. Word was he’d be having surgery to address the issue, and according to DDP, he’s had the operation:

Without specifics about the procedure, it’s impossible to give a timeframe for when he might return to television (if it was a hip replacement, it will likely be six-to-eight weeks before he resumes “normal activities”), but it’s probably safe to assume we’ll be seeing more of commissioner Stephanie McMahon on Raw for the foreseeable future.

Foley is an adherent of DDP Yoga, and will likely be working with Page as part of his rehabilitation when he’s cleared by doctors to do so.

Join us in sending our wishes to Mick for a full and speedy recovery!

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