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Here’s Braun Strowman shoulder blocking a fan in Chicago

The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, continued his rampage on Raw this week (Dec. 26). Seth Rollins wanted payback for catching a show-ending beating last Monday, so he asked for and was granted a match against Braun.

Strowman is still obsessed with finishing off Sami Zayn, and terrorized some jamoke backstage until Stephanie McMahon gave him a Last Man Standing match with Zayn next week.

Sami returned with a blindside attack, Braun chased him into the crowd, where a fan was a little slow to get out of his way. And, well... you can see what happens at the :50 mark of this video.

There were a few GIFs of the impact, but WWE and Twitter acted quickly to nuke those - probably until they can be sure the guy’s willing to take memorabilia in lieu of legal action.

To make up for the lack of GIFs, please accept these moving pictures of the Big Man murdering Bo Dallas with a Christmas tree:

Total Divas Episodes on tumblr

No person or beloved holiday symbol is safe from the Abominable Strowman.

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