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Cody Rhodes didn’t appreciate the Dusty Rhodes-Bayley Bear segment on WWE Raw

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On the Dec. 26 edition of WWE Raw, the scene embedded above aired during the first hour of the program.

In it, Bayley presents Goldust with one of the small teddy bears the company has her hawking lately (they’re available in SlamCrates, a mystery box of collectibles from WWE partner LootCrate), this one dressed in Dusty Rhodes polka dot outfit from his WWF run. The Hugster talks about how much she loved Goldust’s father, the American Dream, Dustin Runnels says he loved her too, and they share a hug while the Chicago crowd chants “DUSTY”.

Then, The Club walk up and make fun of the “nerds” before Karl Anderson takes the bear and rips its head off. Pro wrestling logic says this will set up a match or maybe even a feud between Anderson & Luke Gallows and Goldust & R-Truth.

That may be the direction they’re heading in, even if a bout hasn’t been officially announced yet. While we were waiting for that, however, another of Dusty’s children Tweeted this, seemingly indicated he was hurt by the segment:

Cody isn’t specific, so it’s not clear if he’s upset the used his father’s memory and relationship with his NXT “kids” to help keep Bayley over & sell some merch, that Anderson disrespected his dad by messing up the bear, or both.

My guess is it’s more the first thing, but as long as the newest Bullet Club member isn’t going to “blow the whistle” we won’t know for sure.

It does appear the rift between Cody and WWE, and perhaps even his half-brother (who either signed off on the segment, or at least didn’t veto it), isn’t any closer to being closed.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Was the segment out of line, or too cheap? What part of it upset Cody?

UPDATE: Cody post the following later, thanking people for their feedback and explaining a bit of what led to his initial Tweet:

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