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Batista wants no part of cheesy WrestleMania fantasy booking

A British member of the acting fraternity and (from the looks of the pics on his Twitter and Facebook accounts) fellow workout enthusiast, Joshua Osei, fired a booking idea for WWE greats Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave Bautista out into Twitter-verse on Christmas Eve.

You’ve got to give him credit for casting a wide net. Not only did he include Rocky and Batista, he also @-ed Triple h and drew in the rumored Johnson/Vin Diesel beef from the set of The Fate of the Furious via hashtag.

I mean, it’s an idea I’m sure Vince McMahon would get behind, since I’m pretty sure Rock/Batista would fit right into the Chairman’s dream Mania card along with Lesnar vs. Goldberg, Ronda vs. Steph, Shaq vs. Big Show and Conor McGregor vs. himself in a battle of the billionaire struts.

But one person isn’t down:

Oh well. The good news is that by throwing a little “stinky cheese” dig at Rock’s big franchise, we might have laid the groundwork for a WrestleMania 34 feud.

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