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WWE Raw results, live blog (Dec. 26, 2016): The Mon-star

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 26, 2016) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois featuring all the latest build to the upcoming dual brand Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for next month in San Antonio.

Advertised for tonight: Braun Strowman is still on a rampage, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Christmas time is here again, Santa needs a helping hand. He cannot find a single sheep to draw his sleigh across the night, so all the waiting Christmas trees gonna hear the master say-- There's no presents, not this Christmas! There's no presents! Tom and Jerry drinking sherry, they don't give a damn but me, I'm here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with a recap of Braun Strowman’s rampage last week and thence to the intro video.

In the arena, Stephanie McMahon makes her entrance. She welcomes Chicago to the show and wishes them a happy holiday. Mick Foley had a busy Christmas, so he has the night off. The crowd chants for CM Punk and Stephanie tells them that if they could do that for two minutes and fifteen seconds they’d last longer than Punk. Well then!

Enter Seth Rollins. He wishes Chicago and Steph a merry Christmas and he hopes her holidays with HHH were good. She admits to burning the roast a little and Seth asks if HHH got everything he wanted. But, he adds, did he get what he needs, his manhood back? He doesn’t know whether it’s his snow balls or his whole Yule log, but...

Steph says that when you go low, she goes high, and HHH is the COO of WWE. Rollins counters that he used to be one of the baddest dudes around and reminds us that he entered the Royal Rumble and won the title last year, but Seth is begging him to come down and he won’t now.

Steph fires back, saying she’s not her husband’s keeper and HHH is more of a champion than Rollins will ever be. Seth says that’s fine, he didn’t really expect Hunter to show up, and he came to Chicago for a fight. He wants a match against Braun Strowman tonight.

Enter Roman Reigns. Steph guesses that he came out because he also wants a match in the Man Event tonight. Roman says either way, Strowman made a big mistake last week and he deserves a big fight, so yes, that’s why he’s here. Seth tells the Big Dog to go to the back of the line and they bicker, until they come to the conclusion that they could just go to the back and dispense some justice Shield-style.

Steph is disturbingly into it and puts her fist out for the Shield bump. SmackDown happen to be in the same arena tomorrow, and hey, a certain lunatic might be around, so how ‘bout we get the gang back together for one night only. The crowd wants it, and Steph’s boosting it really hard... so of course it’s not happening.

She makes the match against Braun for Seth and tells Roman he’s defending his United States Championship against an opponent of her choice later. But right now, we have a rematch for the tag titles!

Big E does his thing and the New Day come out, ladling Booty-Os out of a sack onto people in the crowd, and we go to break.

Back from commercial in time for the champions to make their entrance.

Cesaro & Sheamus (c) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Xavier in with a dropkick on Sheamus from the jump, tag to Kofi. Off the ropes, Penalty Kick, sliding lariat from X and a pair of elbow drops for a nearfall. Cesaro in, Kofi ducks a lariat, headscissors takeover, corner dropkick, tag to Woods, the Unicorn Stampede is rolling! Corner dropkicks, Woods is legal, leg drop gets one.

Chops back Cesaro up a step but he levels Xavier with an uppercut. Whip, duck a lariat, back elbow, Sheamus throws Woods outside and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Xavier is looking for a tag but the champions deny him, comboing an Irish Curse backbreaker into a diving knee drop for a nearfall. Cesaro looking for the spin, Woods fights out with punches and throws the Swiss Superman outside for a diving tornado DDT on the outside!

Sheamus tags in, tries a back suplex but Woods lands on his feet and tags Kingston in. Off the top with a diving clothesline and a series of strikes into a dropkick, tope con giro on Cesaro, back in, ducks the Irish Curse, SOS... NO GOOD! Gamengiri in the corner, Woods in with a kick of his own, up top... ROPEWALK ELBOW DROP!

Cesaro breaks up the pin! He tags in, sunset flip to the swing, Big E distracts referee John Cone, Kofi comes in for Trouble in Paradise, Cesaro catches his foot and ends up press slamming him to the outside! Xavier with a rolling elbow, Sheamus tags in...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by pinfall with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus on Xavier Woods, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Commentary hypes up the Man Event as well as a look at the Royal Rumble for after the break.

Back from commercial and we get the promised video package.

Braun Strowman is walking backstage, scaring the villagers, when he runs in Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Owens congratulates him for his festivity, decking the proverbial halls last week, and Jericho makes a joke about the List of Strowman. KO says he knows Braun has been looking for competition and he offers Braun a shot at the Universal Championship after he beats Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.

Strowman bids him be careful what he wishes for and Owens says maybe he should focus on Rollins and Reigns for right now. Jericho piles on, reminding Braun of what the Shield boys said earlier before making some stuff up about Seth saying that he’s not very big and should start doing Crossfit. Furthermore, Rollins has said that Braun is a one-hit wonder who couldn’t beat Sami Zayn.

Braun gets in their faces and walks off.

Cut to Golden Truth hanging out backstage. Goldust says Bill Murray was the greatest Scrooge, but R-Truth prefers Mr. Magoo. Bayley rolls up with a belated Christmas present for her friend Goldust. R-Truth asks if he can share and she gives him a hug in lieu of a gift. Bayley then presents Goldust with a Bayley Bear dressed up like the American Dream himself, Dusty Rhodes.

She talks about how much Dusty meant to her and Goldust thanks her, when the Club roll up to call Golden Truth nerds. Luke Gallows says that’s a cute little teddy bear and Karl Anderson yanks it out of Goldust’s hand and rips the head off! How could you, man?!

And on that note we head to break.

Back from commercial and commentary talk about the Sasha Banks / Nia Jax confrontation from last week, leading to a recap thereof.

Nia Jax’s opponent, Scarlett Bordeaux, is interviewed. She’s just thrilled to debut for WWE in her hometown of Chicago and says that the only thing that could make it better is if Sasha Banks were here.

Nia Jax vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

Nia with a kick to the gut and repeated headbutts in the corner before bieling Scarlett halfway across the ring. Pair of corner avalanches to the back, running hip attack, scoop...

Nia Jax wins by pinfall with a Samoan Drop.

Nia tells her to choose a better role model next time before firing off a leg drop as punctuation!

Cut backstage where Bayley is walking before we go to break.

Back from commercial and Charlotte Flair is meeting with Stephanie backstage. Steph thanks her, she leaves, and Kevin and Chris come up to complain. In particular, Owens is upset about Roman Reigns getting another shot as his title. Jericho doesn’t like being 200 feet up in the air and is worried that Mick Foley will add spiders to the cage and give him acne-acro-arachnophobia.

Jericho doesn’t want her to rearrange the show or anything, he just wants one of them to get the US title shot tonight. Steph hates it when authority figures use their power to fulfill personal issues, and so makes the match Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns. Kevin sells Chris on it as them making history together by becoming a double champions.

In the arena, Bayley makes her entrance. She takes in the adoration of the crowd for a second before saying she loves Chicago. She hopes Santa got us everything we asked for, but for her Christmas came early when she pinned Charlotte for the third time in a row, and she’s pretty sure that makes her the new number one contender.

Ever since she was a kid all she dreamt about was holding that title, so it’ll be pretty sweet to replace that replica championship...

Enter Charlotte Flair. She’s sorry to interrupt Bayley’s cosplay moment, she knows how much she likes to pretend to be a WWE superstar. She takes offense to the idea that Bayley beat her last week, and Bayley points out that the referee raised her hand, so... Flair calls for a video replay that shows her shoulder leaving the mat before the end of the three count.

If this happened to someone like Bayley, they’d have to deal with the loss and move on, but for someone born and raised in this business, well... she got together with her lawyer and talked to Stephanie last night, expunging Bayley’s victory from the record books, as if it never happened. She doesn’t understand why Bayley’s so stunned, perhaps because a Flair can’t relate to someone average.

Charlotte doesn’t wait in line or cut coupons, she knows how the system works and made it work for her. She recalls Bayley crying about her childhood dream down in NXT and says she was secretly laughing the entire time. But hey, she’s not unreasonable, and it’s the holidays, so she’ll give Bayley another chance to defeat her right now. Bayley agrees, but Charlotte has one more thing— the settlement guaranteed her a ref who would call it down the line.

Dana Brooke comes out in referee gear! The match is next after the break.

Back from commercial in time for the bell to ring.

Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

Circling, collar and elbow, forced in the corner, Dana makes with the count posthaste. Flair hits a forearm, sends Bayley in the corner, chop after chop as Dana counts incredibly slowly. Bayley turns it around and Brooke immediately forces the break. Bayley-to-Belly on Dana Brooke!

Charlotte throwing grounded forearms now, whip in the corner, referee Darrick Moore comes out as a replacement. Sliding lariat gets one, Flair back with knees and throwing Bayley’s face into the turnbuckle. Bayley fires up and slams Charlotte into the turnbuckle face-first a few times herself. Bayley up top, diving crossbody gets two.

Thrust in the corner, tube man back elbow, looking for a suplex but Charlotte fights out with elbows and hits an STO backbreaker / reverse STO into the turnbuckles combo for a nearfall. Looking for the figure four, Bayley fights out, Bayley-to-Belly but Dana yanks Darrick out of the ring!

Bayley chases after Dana, Charlotte takes advantage of the distraction...

Charlotte Flair wins by pinfall with a folding press with feet on the ropes, counted fast.

Charlotte and Dana celebrate up the ramp.

Stephanie McMahon is walking backstage when she yells at Braun for abusing a dude. Apparently he asked where Sami Zayn was and dude didn’t reply fast enough. Steph tells him to focus on Seth but Braun says he’s multi-tasking. Steph promises that he’ll get Sami Zayn next week, and Braun says next week that’s not good enough, he wants to beat Sami so back he can’t stand, so he wants it to be a Last Man Standing Match!

She agrees but asks for a favor in return, she wants him to take all of his anger out on Seth Rollins tonight, to visualize him as Sami and tear him apart.

Commentary throws to recap of Neville’s promo from last week. He makes an entrance, and he’s got a match against TJ Perkins after the break.

Back from commercial in time for TJP to make his entrance.

Neville vs. TJ Perkins

Circling, collar and elbow, Nevlle gets a wristlock, TJ flips out and throws a dropkick. Ducks a lariat, uppercut, strike rush, off the ropes, stiff running knee! Shoot off the ropes, leapfrog, flip, flying headscissors, jumping kick, Neville to the outside! Tornillo connects, Neville back in, TJ up top for a diving crossbody that can’t put Neville away.

Perkins sets Neville up in the tree of woe, Neville escapes and kicks him off the apron. Follows it up by throwing TJP into the barricade before sending him back in the ring for elbow strikes and a reverse chinlock. Perkins out, flips to th back, looking for the chickenwing gutbuster but Neville throws him to the apron. Dropkick sends Neville outside in turn for a triangle dropkick.

Back inside, chickenwing gutbuster connects for a nearfall. Fireman’s carry, Neville slips out, they slug it out, forearms and kicks Whip, reversed, Neville with a moonsault evasion, slingshot into the ring, TJ catches him, DETONATION KICK! Looking for the roll-through into the kneebar, Neville blocks and sits down...

Neville wins by pinfall with a folding press.

Neville is interviewed on the ramp about his future plans. He says it’s funny, when you leave a line of bodies in your wake suddenly everybody wants to talk to you! Us Americans usually only talk about him to insult his accent or think he’s too bland for television or his face isn’t appropriate for Monday Night Raw. It’s America’s ignorance and arrogance that prevents us from appreciating him, he says.

Tomorrow, though, we’ll have no choice but to appreciate him when he beats Rich Swann and proves that he’s the true King of the Cruiserweights.

Commentary hypes up the main event before seguing to a recap of Enzo Amore’s sensitivity training adventure from last week. Big Cass is pushing Enzo in a wheelchair backstage as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Enzo & Big Cass make their entrance. Enzo does the deal before saying sensitivity class isn’t his deal, in his professional capacity as a certified G. He insists that Jinder and Rusev swipe left if they see him on Tinder before intimating that they’re cowards lacking in backbone, like a chicken nugget.

Mama Amore raised a rolling stone who can roll in a variety of ways. Enzo claims to spill the Haterade before asking Cass to clean it up. Cass gets in the ring to continue, inviting Rusev to trap him in a room for once and beat him down. He claims Rusev is a coward and they both know that if he tried, he’d get the proverbial taste slapped out of his mouth, and if you’ve got a problem with Enzo, you have a problem with him.

And, if he has a problem, why not come out now and do something about it?

Rusev and Lana come out, naturally, followed after by Jinder Mahal. Jinder slaps Enzo on his way to the ring and they pincer Cass. Enzo yanks Mahal to the mat and Cass and Rusev brawl until Cass clotheslines Rusev outside. Enzo manages to hit Jinder into his wheelchair and Cass throws him into Mahal!

Cass clobbers Rusev one more time before Enzo drags himself into the ring to be with his pal.

Commentary puts over our Man Event and we head to break.

Back from commercial with a bit of hype for the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament before the Shining Stars make their entrance.

In the ring are Bo Dallas, Darren Young, and Bob Backlund posing with their sensitivity training certificates. We have a match!

Bo Dallas & Darren Young vs. Shining Stars (Epico & Primo)

Darren and Primo to start, Young gets a waistlock, takedown, Primo fights out and gets him against the ropes. Whip across, Darren clobbers him with a forearm but Primo fires a dropkick to the leg...


Braun Strowman comes down, Christmas tree in hand! He throws it at Bo!

Bo Dallas & Darren Young win by disqualification, presumably, though no result is announced.

He chucks Primo and clobbers Young! Epico comes at him with a chair and eats a big lariat. Braun throws Darren into Bob Backlund before throwing the steps at the other three men!

Braun poses in the ring after, and commentary tells us the Man Event is next, after the break!

Back from commercial with a quick recap as Braun waits for Seth Rollins to make his Man Event entrance.

Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins

Braun charges Rollins right into the corner before bieling him across the ring! Scoop, Rollins slips out, throws kicks and body blows, low bridge sends Strowman outside, suicide dive connects! Braun cuts off a second with a pounce! He’s got Seth clutched before clubbing him down to the mat.

Putting the boots to the Architect now, clubbing him further and choking him against the ropes. Seth lands on his feet, enzuigiri, ducks Braun on a charge, flying knee, Strowman’s wobbly! Flying knee number two, up top again, he catches a third and sends Rollins into the corner. Sets him up top, charges into Seth’s boot before eating a blockbuster!

Superkick to the chest, Seth’s trying but can’t hook the Pedigree and gets back body dropped outside. Braun runs him over and throws him back in when Sami Zayn’s music hits! Braun stares at the entrance, but Sami gets him from behind!

Braun Strowman wins by disqualification.

He sends Braun into the ringpost again and again but Braun roars at him and charges after him into the crowd!

Jericho shows up to pick the bones and hits a Codebreaker on Rollins. Y2J goes to drag him up for more but referees back him off and help Seth to his feet. Another Codebreaker!

Cut to Kevin Owens backstage watching on a monitor, where an interview rolls up asking about him possibly being a double champion after tonight. He doesn’t care about that, he’s too excited by his good friend Chris Jericho taking out “that scumbag” Seth Rollins. So tonight we’ll have new US Champions, named Kevin Owens and... Chris Jericho shows up.

He is also excited to become champion, because that is definitely how it works. They walk off and we go to break.

Back from commercial with yet another Emma vignette, with a voiceover from her saying we’ve waited so long but it’ll be worth the wait.

In the arena, the Club are in the ring, waiting for their match. We get a recap to set it up, to boot.

Golden Truth (Goldust & R-Truth) vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Goldust and Anderson to start, Goldust really taking it to him and putting boots to him in the corner. Truth tags in, Stinger splash, Karl throws a knee and comes off the ropes into a hip toss. Truth with the splits and a dabbing leg drop into a punch but Machine Gun charges him into his corner and tags Gallows in.

Big Hoot with the big boot and a roundhouse kick, elbow drop, tag to Anderson. Reverse chinlock applied, Truth to his feet and out with body blows, off the ropes, kick to the face, Anderson gets a Sick Kick off for a nearfall on the second try before going back to the chinlock. Tag to Luke, kidney punch, trading blows, R-Truth connects with a leg lariat.

Tags all round, Goldust with clotheslines, drop-down slap, boot to Gallows, scoop powerslam leads to Anderson heading outside. Goldust follows up by throwing him into the barricade! Back in the ring, running bulldog, Gallows with the distraction...

The Club win by pinfall with a schoolboy pin from Karl Anderson on Goldust.

The Club celebrate up the ramp while Golden Truth are sad.

Rich Swann is walking backstage when he stops and gives a disapproving look at Noam Dar, who is hanging out with Dana Brooke, and we go to break.

Back from commercial and commentary hypes up tomorrow night’s Wild Card Finals edition of SmackDown.

Ariya Daivari vs. Rich Swann

Daviari charges in with hands and feet, putting boots to Swann in the corner. Rich back in it with punches, whip across, Ariya holds the ropes, slingshot arm drag, Swann reverses to a cradle, ripcord neckbreaker from Daivari for two. No water in the pool for the frog splash, Swann with a pair of neckbreaker drops, kick, double stomp to the back Shadows Over Hell style...

Rich Swann wins by pinfall with the knockout kick.

Swann is interviewed up the ramp. He says Neville claims to be the King of the Cruiserweights, but it seems to him that he’s a royal sourpuss. Despite that, Neville is still one of the best athletes in the WWE, and if it’s a fight Neville wants, it’s a fight Neville will get... NEVILLE BLINDSIDES HIM!

Putting the boots the champion on the ramp before throwing him hard into the apron! He slides him in the ring and heads up top... Red Arrow!

We go to break on the promise that Goldberg returns next week.

Back from commercial and Daivari is being interviewed. He claims possible interference from Jack Gallagher cost him the match when Gentleman Jack rolls up! As a gentleman, he’ll give Daivari a chance to retract his accusation that Jack is a scoundrel. Ariya refuses and Gallagher challenges him to a duel, comparing himself to Aaron Burr in the process. He backhands Daivari to seal the deal and takes his leave.

Commentary then throws us to a video package about Goldberg’s return.

In the arena, Kevin Owens makes his entrance, so that’s our main event up next after the break.

Back from commercial in time for Roman’s entrance and championship introductions.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Feeling out, KO gets in the ropes for a break. Collar and elbow, Owens forced to the corner, he demands the break again. Circling, feint knucklelock into a kick to the gut from KO so he can grab a side headlock. Reigns shoots him off, shoulder block, kick to the gut, back to the headlock, off again and this time Kev hits the mat hard on the shoulder block and bails outside.

Owens demands referee Chad Patton back Roman off so he can get back in, but the Big Dog heads outside himself and throws a big right to get KO back in the ring. Owens back with hands of his own, getting Reigns up against the ropes before whipping him off, reversed, Roman throws a lariat...

Chris Jericho comes out to distract him. Owens with nearfalls off a DDT and a senton, leaving Reigns out on the mat and gasping as we head to break.

Back from commercial and Owens is taunting Roman, stomping his hand and kicking at his face. Body blow against the ropes, whip, Roman ducks a lariat and throws a pair of his own, closing with the third, leaping lariat as always. Corner lariats up next but Owens breaks early and throws a superkick to set up his own cannonball, calling for it the way Reigns does his spear.

Stomp to the shoulder, Penalty Kick to the back, stomp to the back, and finally Kev goes for the reverse chinlock. He’s got the Big Dog down to the mat and fading as Y2J cheers him on, but Roman gets to his feet and breaks free with body blows and a big right to the face. Owens with a knee, he tosses Reigns out of the ring and throws him into the barricade before rolling in the ring to break the count, but when he comes out Roman hits the Drive-By and returns the favor into the barricade.

Back in the ring, corner lariats again, off the ropes for a Mafia Kick for ten and then a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Owens hangs Roman in the ropes neck-first before hitting a lungblower for a nearfall of his own. Looking for the pop-up powerbomb but Reigns catches the ropes and blocks. Trading forearms off the ropes bull-moose style now, KO tries to defuse the exchange with a kick and Roman catches his foot, deadlifting him up for a powerbomb!

Big Dog calling for the Superman Punch, Owens ducks and grabs a rollup for a nearfall only to get caught after all once Roman kicks out! Calling for the spear but Y2J makes with a distraction and KO hits a Codebreaker... No good! Rollins comes out to beat up Jericho! Pedigree! KO superkicks the Architect, and heads back in the ring, where Roman is lying in wait...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with a spear, retaining the WWE United States Championship.

Seth and Roman have a moment in the ring over Kevin Owens, who is sputtering on the mat, utterly spent. Rollins with the crotch chop... Pedigree! Reigns spears Jericho on the floor! The best friends are out cold just outside the ring while the Shield boys celebrate.

That’s the show, folks.

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