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The greatest WWE Christmas moment in history

And it’s not even close:

There’s so much to like about this clip.

- Alberto Del Rio's exasperation quickly turning into blind anger at Ricardo Rodriguez, who, despite knowing Del Rio can clearly see what's in the box, attempts to convince him it is, in fact, a bazooka

- Rodriguez's stoic response to seeing that it is not, in fact, a bazooka

- John Cena in the background, utterly bewildered the whole time

- Rodriguez lamely telling Del Rio he should maybe just chuck the teddy bear at Cena

- Del Rio actually buying into this plan with steely resolve, screaming while brandishing the teddy bear, then throwing it at Cena's chest

- Del Rio's holding his stance in the follow through, as Cena shakes his head in disbelief that anyone would carry out this clearly-doomed-to-fail plan

- Del Rio immediately turning on Rodriguez and blaming him for said plan backfiring

Like I said, the best WWE Christmas moment in history.

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