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Every WWE pay-per-view of 2016, graded

It’s the end of the year, which means we’re doing our annual look back at everything WWE has offered us over the past 12 months. That includes checking in with every grade given to each pay-per-view we were treated to this year.

Below is a complete list of each PPV, its grade, and the title given to that event. Each grade and title is clickable in case you want to go back and read full reactions for that particular show.

Royal Rumble: B+ (It’s all about The Game)
Fastlane: B- (Roman Reigns, again)
Roadblock: B- (So close no matter how far)
WrestleMania 32: D+ (Roman Reigns, King Nothing)
Payback: A- (Lights out, Chicago)
Extreme Rules: B- (Fight forever)
Money in the Bank: B- (Dean. Freaking. Ambrose.)
Battleground: C- (On to more important matters...)
SummerSlam: B- (All Red Everything)
Backlash: A+ (The New Era Begins)
Clash of Champions: C- (Sunday Night Raw)
No Mercy: B- (Mercy Given)
Hell in a Cell: C+ (History isn’t worth it)
Survivor Series: B+ (Squash of the Century)
TLC: A- (Delusional Ellsworth costs Dean)
Roadblock: End of the Line: C- (For Life)


A’s: 3
B’s: 8
C’s: 4
D’s: 1
F’s: 0

For comparison’s sake, this looks about like last year’s breakdown with a few more above average shows with the addition of brand exclusive events. The lesson of year’s past holds true today as well: No matter how spotty television is from week-to-week, WWE generally delivers when they ask you to pay money to watch a show.

On to 2017!

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