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Finn Balor staying positive despite injury: ‘I have the chance to ... come back a little rejuvenated’

Finn Bálor USA Network

Shortly after suffering a shoulder injury that would require surgery and extensive rehab, and seeing how awful that rehab was and could be, Finn Balor seemed disheartened. He admitted to being crushed and understanding it would be a long, difficult road to make it back.

A few months later, well on down that road, he’s much more positive, as his comments (via The Sun) on his shared journey with Neville — who also went through a tough injury that derailed his quest to be the best in WWE — indicate:

"Myself and Neville have been friends since 2002 and had similar journeys so it has not just been injuries that have encouraged us to lean on each other. It's been the adjusting to dojos in Japan or upping sticks and moving to America, the adjustment of working for WWE. So me and Neville have leaned on each other for everything over the last couple of years. It was unfortunate what happened to both of us but I try to look at the positive situations from everything and for me timing was bad but I have the chance to step back and assess where I am and maybe come back a little bit rejuvenated."

Balor was Universal champion and looked to be the top guy on the Raw brand before going down. Just think of what he can do if he comes back rejuvenated.

Can’t wait.

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