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Conor McGregor says he’s fielding offers from boxing, WWE, Hollywood

WWE has made no secret of its desire to bring in mega-draw UFC Champion Conor McGregor for some sort of something, be it an angle or a wrestling match. For whatever it’s worth, his agent said he would be willing to entertain an offer for as much.

But he’s also being courted literally everywhere else.

As he told RTE Sport (via Fox Sports):

“I can go out and conquer the boxing scene as well. That’s a very serious thought. That’s a very serious conversation that’s happening. I’ve got those (professional) wrestling guys trying to contact me as well. I’ve got Hollywood trying to contact me as well. I’ve got so many options.”

He can almost certainly make more money in boxing or going to Hollywood than he could if he showed up in a WWE ring. Still, we can hold out some measure of hope that Vince McMahon can convince him to come in for a WrestleMania moment, at the very least.

Show him the money!

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