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Bray Wyatt: Sex symbol

This isn’t exactly fresh content, especially in internet time, but it deserves to live a long life.

Bray Wyatt was front and center for WWE’s press team ahead of SmackDown and Tribute to the Troops last week in Washington, D.C. We’d already used one of his stops on that promotional tour as an example of how interviews with the tag champ are never dull, thanks to Wyatt’s uncanny ability (or natural tendancy) to always be his character, even when discussing things like his admiration for the service of America’s military men & women.

His visit with Julie Wright of WJLA’s Good Morning Washington is something else, though.

The video isn’t embed-able, but I highly encourage you to head to the D.C. ABC affiliate’s website and watch it. There’s a nervous flirty energy going on which you have to see, and that creates exchanges like this one:

Wyatt: I’m in the business of making vibes, you know. There’s a certain vibe when we come out that no one else gives, you know. People like... steal that at rock concerts and things and now everyone’s doing it. They call them the fireflies and it’s like, that’s us. We did that.

Wright: Yeah, you did. [pause] So now, what is it about you? What is it about the Wyatt Family, you just kind of take over people? It’s the look, it’s...

Wyatt: I don’t know. I think you’re feeling it right now.

Wright: I’m definitely feeling it. [laughs] I’m a little anxious. I was gonna come in for a selfie, but I don’t know.

Wyatt: I think it’s this all denim outfit I have on.

Wright: Is that what it is?

Wyatt: I think so.

Wright: All denim and the hair and everything...

Wyatt: [laughs]


The key element, as you can see in our header image, is how Bray’s body language is as WIDE OPEN as Xavier Woods’ DMs (bay-bee). He sits for the entire interview with one leg on the set’s coffee table, an arm casually draped across the couch’s back, extended toward Wright.

It’s that pose which has led to the meme-ification of the interview in Tweets like this one:

Make your own jokes below, Cagesiders.

And watch your significant others when Bray’s in town.

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