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Renee Young apologizes for smacking Miz, but she shouldn’t be sorry

It’s not an actual match, but it’s amazing how just as quotes start going around about how Renee Young is willing to get involved in a storyline, she gets involved in a storyline.

Who knows if her scene during the Dec. 20 SmackDown, where she smacked Intercontinental champion The Miz after he brought up her sex life with Dean Ambrose in front of the Detroit crowd and a live worldwide television audience (watch it in the above video!), will lead to anything more, or if it will slow burn forever like the Awesome One’s feud with Daniel Bryan. But the scene has fans buzzing, so anything’s possible.

WWE followed up on it twice, once in this Fallout video...

...and again on Talking Smack, where Bryan asked her about it as soon as the post-show began:

RY: First of all, it’s no secret that Dean Ambrose and I are in a relationship. That’s one thing. But to be called out the way that Miz called me out in front of everybody here at SmackDown Live? It was embarrassing. I’m sorry for the way that I reacted, I’m sorry that I put my hands on a WWE Superstar, I know that I shouldn’t have done that. But for me, he crossed a line with me and then I also crossed a line, so, I apologize.

DB: Renee. No need to apologize. Especially not to me.

RY: It was a weird situation. It makes me feel sweaty even to talk about it, to be honest. But, yeah, it’s behind us.

Obviously, Daniel’s right. Miz was a douchebag heel (which is a good thing) and he immediately got served for it (which is a better thing).

Now... Renee vs. Maryse at Mania?

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