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Olympian Chad Gable never considered MMA, always wanted to be a pro wrestler

Back when he went by his given name of Chas Betts, SmackDown’s Chad Gable excelled at amateur wrestling. He was so good he went to the Olympics in London 2012.

A lot of standout shoot grapplers - even the ones who aren’t good enough to represent their country in international competition - look to mixed martial arts when their amateur days are over.

Not Gable, as he told the Miami Herald’s Jim Varsallone in a recent interview:

No. A lot of people ask that and think it would have made sense, considering my background, but MMA was something I...and still to this day...was not very interested in. I don't really watch it. A lot of people assume that I do, but I don't. For whatever reason, it just didn't grab me like it did a lot of people in my [amateur wrestling] field. For me, it was just amateur wrestling and pro wrestling that I fell in love with.

Gable talks about how Mick Foley’s first book was one of his favorite Christmas gifts ever, and how as a young fan he looked up to WCW cruiserweights like Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio & Chris Jericho and technical wrestlers like Bret & Owen Hart.

Even though he was ready, willing and Gable to enter the world of MMA, when the opportunity presented itself, the future American Alpha never considered it:

I always loved pro wrestling. I always loved WWE. I loved WCW. I wanted to be a pro wrestler longer than I ever dreamed about being in the Olympics or anything like that.

Lucky us.

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