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WWE Raw results, live blog (Dec. 19, 2016): Roadblock fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 19, 2016) from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio featuring the fallout show from the Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Pittsburgh.

Advertised for tonight: Big Cass vs. Rusev, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


A streak of lightning is shooting through the air, electric sun lights the sky. His face is frightening, so evil ones beware; men of disaster hear his cry, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with the intro video this week.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are in the ring together. They make a big show of clearing their throats and Kev welcomes us to the Chris & Kevin Show. He’s said it before and he’ll say it again, there’s nothing he won’t do to retain the Universal Championship, even if it means taking a Codebreaker from his best friend. Y2J calls for the monkeys to roll the stills and they do, with commentary recapping the events over top.

Owens has to admit that when Jericho showed up last night he had no idea what he was gonna do. He fooled everybody but he never should have doubted Chris’s friendship. As much as that Codebreaker hurt, it hurt more to think that Jericho might not be his friend any more, and the Universal Championship stays where it belongs.

Jericho says it hurt him more than it hurt KO, but he had to do what he had to do to make everybody believe, and now that their friendship is intact and stronger than ever, he’s going to prove it right now by giving Kev the Hug of Jericho. Bring it in, man! Now that Team Kevin & Chris is back together, they’re gonna hand out payback and retribution like Santa Claus hands out coal.

KO takes a moment to imagine what it’d be like if Santa handed out Michael Cole instead and it is delightful. They then question Santa’s value, with all those gifts and the list, and inevitably Y2J puts ol’ St. Nick on the List.

Enter Mick Foley, defender of Santa’s virtue! “Ho, ho, hold it right there,” he says, and he runs down all the things Santa knows before pointing out that Chris Jericho has been very naughty. He throws to a still recap of the post-match from last night, with the Shield boys powerbombing both Kevin and Chris through announce tables.

Jericho mocks Foley’s leather blazer and Mick shows him the worst thing he’s ever seen... he removes his jacket to reveal a shirt designed to make the wearer look like he’s dressed like a biker Santa. And he’s booked the Shield boys in a tag team match against Kevin and Chris right here in Pittsburgh, er... Columbus.

KO says it doesn’t matter and they’ll figure out a way to win anyway. Foley says that stops at the Royal Rumble, because Santa has brought them a little present. He points up, and a shark cage is lowered from the ceiling. Jericho wonders if they’re going scuba diving and Owens protests that you can’t do that to his best friend, before Mick makes a rematch of Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble... with Jericho in the shark cage!

Chris says he won’t do it and you can’t make him, but Mick says that if Jericho doesn’t get in the cage, he’ll never get in a WWE ring ever again. They question the safety of the cage but Mick says it’s made of titanium steel forged in the North Pole, and Jericho walks himself into the cage to complain about the shoddy construction, inevitably leading to Y2J being locked in the cage despite KO’s protests.

Jericho demands to be let out and Foley rummages around in his overstuffed fanny pack for the key, finding a Dude Love wallet, a New Day t-shirt, chewing tobacco, and finally a key... that is not the right key. He continues, getting his Naughty or Nice inspector badge and even his teeth out before discovering that he forgot the key. But it’s okay, because the cage doesn’t go up until he gives the signal at the Royal Rumble... of course, he gives the signal while saying that and Jericho ascends to the heavens.

Mick calls to the guys in the back to work on getting a key, but until then... Have a nice day!

Jericho screams and we head to break.

Back from commercial with a recap of the end of the opening segment.

Cut backstage where Jericho is getting oxygen and being attended to by paramedics. Owens tells him he needs his head back in the game for the tag match later and Y2J merely continues gasping.

Back in the arena, Enzo & Big Cass come out to do the deal. Cass says that Rusev took the coward’s way out, and he might have won but he’s still sa— Rusev makes an entrance, ready for business.

Big Cass vs. Rusev

Lockup, Cass throws big overhand punches and takes Rusev around the corners beating on him. Rusev tries to bail and Cass drags him back in for more punches. And again, clubbing hammer blows to the back of the head before corner strikes, hands and feet. Referee John Cone counts...

Rusev wins by disqualification.

Cass just keeps pounding on him, losing his mind until Rusev finally manages to break away.

Commentary talks about the Women’s Championship match before promising Sasha Banks talking about the match after the break.

Back from commercial and Sasha makes her entrance, one knee in a brace and using a crutch to help herself down the aisle. Commentary then recaps the match with our usual post-PPV stills treatment.

Sasha gets on the mic, saying last night she gave her blood, sweat, and tears, and left it all in the ring. Tapping out not once but twice didn’t just nearly break her leg, it broke her heart. She and Charlotte have gone to war and made history with all these matches, and last night she walked out without the title. As much as it hurts her, it legit kills her to say, the better woman won.

She calls herself the Boss, well, she doesn’t feel much like a boss anymore. But she can win and lose with respect, so she asks Charlotte to come out so she can look her in the eyes and congratulate her. And she waits...

But that’s not Charlotte! Nia Jax comes out and sizes Sasha up, walking around her before getting on the mic and saying that she doesn’t know or care what Charlotte’s up to. Sasha can be a boss to all these sheep, but she’ll never be a boss to her. She’s weak, she’s wounded, and she’s a little girl, and at this point Nia kicks the crutch out from under Sasha!

She picks the former champion up and tosses her across the ring, leg-first into the ropes! Jax grabs the crutch but tosses it away, obviously figuring she’s done enough damage, and walking back up the ramp with a smile on her face.

Cut backstage where Cedric Alexander is walking backstage with Alicia Fox. He has a match against Noam Dar, and it’s up next after the break.

Back from commercial and Cesaro and Sheamus are backstage with their titles when Foley rolls up on them. He doesn’t want to get dramatic, but he can’t help but feel a little bit like a proud papa, because he knows they doubted each other. Sheamus says they actually doubted Mick, and Mick says they were right to, before admitting how crazy he sounded. They made magic, and he has an early present for them... brand new WWE Raw Tag Team Championship title belts!

Much like the SmackDown belts, they’re red leather with silver plates, and Sheamus takes both of them, leaving Cesaro with the old ones as somebody says there’s an emergency Foley needs to attend to.

Braun Strowman is tearing things up backstage! He wants to destroy Sami today, and Mick begs him to take the day off. Braun tells him he sees it’s going to be “or else” today and storms off.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

Dar in with a kick, Cedric catches it, throws an elbow, follows with foreamrs, Dar with a side headlock, shoot off, series of kicks, Noam bails and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Alexander throws Dar out of a lockup but the Scotsman gets a wristlock and goes for a shoulder armbreaker. Off the ropes, Dar kicks his leg out of his leg! Noam up to the top, diving stomp, Cedric dodges, forearm, whip, reversed, handspring gamengiri! Springboard lariat lays Dar out...

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall with the Lumbar Check.

Alicia Fox heads into the ring to celebrate with Cedric.

Dar lies in the aisle and congratulates Alexander for beating him, but he won two weeks ago, so they’re even... but no, they’re not. Cedric has what he wants, Alicia Fox. (Pretty sure that doesn’t work like that, Dar.) All he wants for Christmas is her, and Cedric gets up on the turnbuckles to jaw at him.

Cut backstage where New Day are making their way backstage as we go to break on a house ad for SmackDown tomorrow.

Back from commercial and Big E does his thing.

Xavier says their historic title reign hit a roadblock, and Kofi says they can’t mourn forever, because Ric Flair couldn’t become a 16-time champion without losing a few times, to which Big E adds that that’ll be Charlotte in a month. New Day essentially vow to become three-time champions and Cesaro and Sheamus make their entrance.

Sheamus does his own version of Big E’s thing and Cesaro cuts him off, saying they talked about not doing that. But Sheamus is full of positivity tonight no matter one. It really is a new day, day one of the reign of WWE Tag Team Champion Sheamus! Cesaro! Sheamus! Cesaro! Rabbit Season! Duck Season!

Kofi interrupts, indignant that Cesaro and Sheamus got new title belts after just one day. But for real, they knew somebody would out-New Day the New Day, and they’re glad it was Cesaro. They do the “Shame!” gimmick and claim that they just congratulated Cesaro. E compares him to animals but blanks on a strong animal and everybody else offers options.

Cesaro says you need to be strong teaming with somebody like Sheamus and his massive ego. Sheamus says he doesn’t care what Cesaro thinks, and it’s because of him that they became tag team champions in the first place. And as for the New Day, those three Muppets, their reign of terror has come to an end. 483 days of disgrace (Cesaro disagrees), but Sheamus claims to be able to hold the titles for 20 years, easy.

Xavier begs to differ, talking about all the stuff they did, including the Old Day, which Big E would rather forget, and they did it all with the Power of Positivity.

The Club come down, Karl Anderson saying he sees a bunch of, what’s the word? Gallows helpfully calls them nerds and says they’re not good brothers. Anderson doesn’t know what the bigger joke is, New Day thinking they’re so great or Cesaro and Sheamus thinking they won the titles by themselves. Gallows says it was those beatdowns they gave the Nerd Day that led to the titles changing hands, and Too Sweets with Machine Gun.

Shining Stars enter, talking about how the holidays are about giving, and they have the perfect gifts! They should all enjoy a nice vacation at the Shining Star Resort & Hotel. Sheamus asks if it comes with free sunscreen, Cesaro tears his brochure up, and all hell breaks loose! New Day and the tag champions clear house as we go to break.

Back from commercial and an eight-man tag has broken out!

Cesaro, New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods), & Sheamus vs. Shining Stars (Primo & Epico) & the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Kofi and Primo start it off, criss-cross, leapfrog, leapfrog, Kingston with an O’Connor roll but Epico made the tag. Big delayed butterfly suplex lift into a double knee gutbuster, Anderson tags in and works Kofi over in the corner before tagging Gallows in. Big right hand, roundhouse kick gets two, Big Hoot throws a headbutt, tag to Anderson.

Kick gets two, he throws Kofi in the corner and tags Luke in again. Body blows and a slicing right to the jaw, scoop and a slam, off the ropes for an elbow drop but Kingston rolls away. Boot to the face, whip across, Kofi dives into a chokeslam! At this point we go to break.

Back from commercial and Anderson has Kofi in a headlock but Kingston fights out. Trying to block the tag with a back suplex, Kofi lands on his feet, Karl takes him over and sets him up top for mounted punches but gets knocked down and eats a tornado DDT. Gallows in, he clears the apron and the Shining Stars dive on the champions!

Big boot to Kingston, tag to Anderson, Boot of Doom! No good! Kofi dodges the Club, tag to Big E! Belly-to-belly suplexes on Machine Gun, the full trifecta! Hip swivel, off the ropes but Sheamus tags in before he hits the big splash. Epico comes in and Sheamus gives him the Beats of the Bodhran and follows it with a Finlay Roll.

He’s calling for the Brogue but Primo distracts him and Epico rolls him up for two. Tag to Cesaro, assisted White Noise, Primo breaks it up! Brogue Kick on Primo, we’re in the “everybody does something cool part of the match, Swiss Death on Anderson, swing on Epico!

Cesaro, New Day, & Sheamus win by submission with a Sharpshooter from Cesaro on Epico.

Sheamus poses with the titles until Cesaro yanks his away and celebrates with the New Day.

Commentary then recaps our opening segment.

Cut backstage where Enzo is talking a mile a minute at Big Cass. Cass tells him to calm down and focus on how much fun they’re gonna have tonight in Columbus, Ohio, at various local attractions! A man comes up with a letter, and Enzo thinks it’s from Ed McMahon or perhaps Vince McMahon, but it’s actually a citation for exposing himself in the workplace. He has to attend sensitivity training... tonight!

On that note, we go to break.

Back from commercial and Neville is is making his entrance.

He gets on the mic and says last night he singlehandedly destroyed Rich Swann and TJ Perkins and you people cheered him? That’s rich, because it’s been a long time since he’s been cheered for. Usually he’s only cheered for when people feel sorry for him, but he doesn’t need your pity or want your sympathy, so take your cheers and stick ‘em!

Make no bones about it, he says, this is a warning. If your favorite is on 205 Live, that’s too bad, because he’s going to obliterate the division.

Enter Rich Swann. He asks Neville what happened to the man he used to look up to, and Neville tells him to shut up. It was him that took Swann under his wing in Japan and taught him everything he knows. Since then, his career skyrocketed, but where’s the gratitude, where’s the respect for the true King of the Cruiserweights?

Swann takes his jacket off and makes his way down the ramp, telling Neville he can call himself whatever he wants, but as long as he holds the title, he’s the very best in the cruiserweight division and he can’t handle this.

Brian Kendrick comes down yelling at Swann for his disrespect. He constantly asked how you could start a cruiserweight division without Neville. They’re a lot alike, he says, they’re pioneers and they respect each other. Neville says he’s right and Kendrick earned his opportunities, unlike Swann, and says he needs to be taught his place.

Kendrick and Neville surround Swann but he punches first! Kendrick gets the better of him but Neville throws him away, putting the boots to Swann himself. TJ Perkins comes down for the save but Neville catches him with a roundhouse and kicks his head in too! Neville heads up the ramp as Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 on Perkins.

Cut backstage for sensitivity training. Darren Young, Bob Backlund, Bo Dallas, and Jinder Mahal are also in the class. Enzo rolls up and the women leading the class invites him to start by explaining why he’s here. He does the whole Certified G schtick at full volume and she asks him to lower his volume. He’s here because he showed his coworker his Italian sausage, but it’s not his fault, it’s his partner’s fault.

She asks him how long they’ve been married and he denies that concept. She invites him to take a seat and he literally takes the seat, get it?! It’s Jinder’s turn, she asks him how he spells his name and Enzo pops up for a little S-A-W-F-T action. She forgives him for the disruption and starts over as we go to break.

Back from commercial and we get a quick peek in the sensitivity training room before cutting to the ring for a match.

Sin Cara vs. Titus O’Neil

Sin with punches out the gate, diving crossbody...


Braun Strowman comes down to make this our Man Event! He knocks Sin Cara over...

Sin Cara wins by disqualification.

Kicks Titus out of the ring, scoop... RUNNING POWERSLAM ON THE FLOOR! Sin with a suicide dive... HE GETS A POWERSLAM TOO!

Refs come down, Braun hoists Sin Cara onto his shoulders and takes him up to the stage when Mick Foley comes out. Strowman told him “or else”... HE BIELS SIN CARA OFF THE STAGE AND INTO CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Braun throws Christmas trees around and generally roughs up the set before walking off.

Mick looks on as referees attend to Sin Cara.

Commentary promises us a word from the Women’s Champion after the break.

Back from commercial and Chris Jericho’s in the locker room yelling at Kevin Owens. KO tells him to calm down and he does not. Kev tells him nobody thinks he’s a moron, but Jericho asks him if he knows what it’s like to hang from the ceiling like a sexy pinata. He’s got arachnophobia, man! KO corrects him, but he doesn’t like spiders either!

Owens pumps him up telling he’s Chris Jericho, damnit, and Jericho says they’ll give the Shield boys... IT before panicking a little again.

Back in the arena, Charlotte Flair makes her entrance.

She orders the arena to bow down to their queen, the four-time women’s champion. She’d call Sasha out, but after earlier she doesn’t think she’s gonna make it. There’s a reason she was easy pickings for Nia Jax, and last night she beat the Boss out of Sasha Banks. She says she’s solidified herself as the greatest superstar the WWE has ever seen, and really she could dominate in any era. Trish Stratus can’t measure up to Natural Selection, Fabulous Moolah doesn’t matter next to the moolah she makes as champion.

She’s the queen of pay-per-view and everybody subscribes, thinking this will be the month that Charlotte loses, but she’s a guaranteed winner, just like some sportsball reference. No one is on her level...

It’s Bayley!

Charlotte tells herself to breathe before asking why Bayley is interrupting her. The crowd starts to sing for Bayley, and she says she’s not here to interrupt her, but to congratulate her. In Bayley’s opinion, Sasha vs. Charlotte is gonna go down as the greatest women’s rivalry in WWE history. Charlotte cuts her off and wonders why she even puts on ring gear, since Bayley belongs in the crowd with the fans.

Bayley continues, saying that now that the Charlotte/Sasha rivalry is over, it’s time for the Charlotte/Bayley rivalry to begin. Last night there was a scoreboard, but their scoreboard is different, because it reads Bayley 2 - Charlotte 0. And don’t think she forgot what Charlotte did to her at Survivor Series. Charlotte claims those victories don’t count, and in the Horsewomen, she’s always been #1 and Bayley’s always been #4.

She claims the reason it took Bayley longer to get to the main roster is that she’s never been good enough and Bayley says if she’s not good enough, she’ll prove it right now. Charlotte says Bayley’s dressed like a fifth grader so it’s time to go to school. She calls for a referee, John Cone comes down, and it’s on after the break!

Back from commercial just in time for the bell to ring!

Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair

Circling, collar and elbow, Bayley grabs a wristlock, Charlotte reverses, Bayley rolls through to reverse again and force Flair to the mat. Charlotte reverses to a side headlock, taking Bayley to one knee. Bayley reverses to her own, Charlotte shoots her off and eats a shoulder block. Kip-up, circling again, Bayley with a waistlock, Flair snapmares her and locks the figure four headscissors on and rolls her through a few times before throwing her aside.

Circling, Bayley grabs a wristlock and yanks it before grabbing a side headlock, takeover, she’s got the champion grounded. Charlotte reverses to a pin for one but Bayley gets her back over. Charlotte out, Bayley right back to it, wrenching it in, shoot off, dropdown, uppercut, spinning back elbow, wristlock, seated armbar with a high five.

La Magistral gets Bayley one and she shifts to a front facelock. Flair reverses to her own, takes her down, cover, back to their feet and a side headlock from the champ. Shoot off, drop down, back elbow, overhead arm drag, running crossbody gets two! Kip-up and a strut from Bayley, drop toehold, and she rides Charlotte amateur style.

Gedo Clutch applied, Charlotte out, side cradle, schoolboy, Charlotte bails and we go to break.

Back from commercial and Charlotte has the figure four headscissors in, pounding Bayley’s face into the mat before wrenching it in and trying a pin. More face smashes, Bayley’s hurting but she gets out of it. Charlotte whips her in the corner and levels her with a big chop for two before locking on a reverse chinlock.

Bayley snapmares her out of it but Flair comes back at her with a mat slam and puts her face into the turnbuckles. Bayley reverses the second, boot up, double clothesline lays both women out. Forearm for forearm slugging it out now, Bayley fires up and gets a few off sequentually, ducks a lariat, neckbreaker drop into mounted punches!

Back elbow off the ropes, sliding lariat, Bayley throws Charlotte to the apron for a rope-hung cutter, shoulder thrust in the corner, tube man back elbow, boot up, but Flair drags her off the top arm-first and puts her down. Drags her in position, steps on her, up top for the moonsault but Bayley’s out at two!

Crucifix pin nearly puts the champ away and she throws chop after chop at Bayley. Bayley catches one...

Bayley wins by pinfall with a backslide.

Cut to sensitivity training where it’s time to partner up and do role reversal. Bo asks if they can say “Bo-gin” instead of begin but the lady in charge insists on maintaining boundaries. Darren and Backlund start and old man Backlund ends up doing squats. Enzo understands the exercise and offers to be Jinder, saying everybody swipes left on Tinder because he’s a schmuck.

Was in a band but didn’t play an instrument, got fired, etc. Jinder nails him, saying he has little man syndrom and you can’t teach that. Enzo asks if it’d be insensitive to slap the taste out of Jinder’s mouth, and when he’s told it would be, he says he won’t and somehow that’s proof the classes are working.

Corey Graves promises us our main event tag after the break.

Back from commercial with yet another Emma vignette. Is she trapped in a cave or something?

Back to sensitivity training where we’ve apparently made some good progress. Bo promises to not push his beliefs so hard and he graduates. Darren and Bob promise to support each other and they get their certificates. Jinder promises to think before he acts out, and he graduates. Enzo promises to be more sensitive in every role in his life, clearly not having learned anything. He says he’s already certified and asks to exchange Instagram handles so he can slide in her DMs.

Rusev rolls up and Enzo makes to escape but Jinder comes up behind him and they start beating him up! Rusev rips his shirt off and locks a full nelson on when Lana rolls up and slaps Enzo hard across the face! Rusev hits a huge Rock Bottom through a table and Enzo’s out cold.

Back in the arena Seth Rollins makes his entrance for the main event, followed soon after by Roman Reigns before we go to break.

Back from commercial in time for Jeri-KO to make their entrances.

Jeri-KO (Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens) vs. the Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins)

Jericho clobbers Rollins out the gate, taking him to the mat for punches. Tag to Owens, he puts the boots to the Architect and taunts Roman. Tag to Y2J, snap suplex, tag back to KO for a body blow, punch to the head, another tag. Whip, Rollins kicks Y2J, dumps Owens, sling blade on Chris for two, chops and kicks in the corner send Jericho to the apron.

Suplex back in the ring, tag to the Big Dog, they wishbone Jericho’s legs and Reigns fires off an elbow drop for two. Owens tagged in, circling, Roman blocks a punch and throws one of his own, whip, KO kicks him in the face, ducks a lariat, Roman catches a superkick and throws a right hand.

Knee, hammer blow, tag to Y2J, Big Dog punches him, tag to Seth, whip in the corner, Jericho bails. Jeri-KO take a walk and the Shield boys chase them up the ramp and beat on them. Rollins takes Jericho back in the ring and throws punches and chops, whip reversed, blind tag from Roman, he comes in with a big slap, sends Chris in the corner, whips Rollins at him and drops him to send to us to break.

Back from commercial and Rollins tags Roman in on Owens. Two lariats, a third jumping, he knocks Jericho off the apron but KO picks him and takes him outside. Roman throws the Universal Champion into the barricade and sets him on the apron for a Drive-By.. Corner lariats back in the ring, Y2J eats the big right for number ten.

KO hits a superkick for two and throws a few mounted punches on the Big Dog. Tag to Jericho, snapmare, reverse chinlock in on Reigns. Roman to his feet and out with strikes, off the ropes into a dropkick from the veteran. Tag to Kev, he throws stomps and a stiff knee to Roman’s face before tagging Y2J back in.

Jericho chokes him on the ropes and distracts the ref as Owens gets a shot in. Cover gets a nearfall and Chris starts throwing the disdainful slaps to the back of the head as Roman gets to his feet. Big rights for both guys but Jericho catches him with a kick and tags KO back in. Stomps and grounded punches, reverse chinlock applied and Reigns starts to fade.

He fires up as Rollins cheers him on, Samoan drop, both sides desperate for tags. Tags are made, Seth gets a boot up, blockbuster of the top, one for KO to boot, running forearms in the corner, neckbreaker / DDT combo! Only good for a nearfall, Rollins follows it with a suplex lift but Y2J slips out. Off the ropes, back elbow, Lionsault comes up empty, kick to the gut, Pedigree revesed, enzuigiri from Seth, clothesline outside.

Rollins throws a suicide dive onto both his opponents! He’s looking for the springboard knee but KO grabs his leg... SUPERMAN PUNCH! Springboard knee, Rollins up top for the frog splash but the knees are up! Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho on but the Architect gets the ropes.Triangle dropkick countered with a Superman Punch, the Big Dog is FIRED UP for the tag!


The Shield wins by disqualification.

Jeri-KO put boots to Rollins but Braun shows up and they bail. He beats on Seth, hits the running powerslam and yells at the camera Owens and Jericho send Roman in and Strowman declares everyone will fall before hitting the running powerslam on him, too!

Kevin and Chris celebrate up the ramp as Braun surveys the destruction he’s caused. That’s the show, folks.

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