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WWE Roadblock End of the Line results, recap, reactions: For life

WWE hit the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for its Roadblock: End of the Line pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Sun., Dec. 18, 2016) and delivered on yet another historic evening in the form of a women’s Iron Man match, even if it didn’t main event.

Click here to get full results and the live blog. Let's get to reactions.


I'm going to go ahead and take a tweet from my main man Sean to help describe my feelings on the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte match:

I, too, cannot understand the idea behind making Sasha Banks look this bad as the babyface in the feud. Sure, you could argue it's simply a competitive series of matches between two evenly matched stars and Charlotte just so happened to get the better of the two on this occasion. But if there is no rematch coming, what does that leave for the woman we're supposed to be cheering?

Don't tell me "you're supposed to be angry" either. That's implied, something we can understand just fine considering the artform we're watching here. That said, the storytelling doesn't satisfy when the bad guy wins in the end.

And that's what happened here.

Perhaps it's longform and we have to wait for the real payoff later. Maybe Sasha just can't win the big one when she's the defending champion going in. Either way, it's nice to be moving on from all this, it just doesn't feel right that we're moving on with the bad guy winning it all.


We're getting to a point where I don't quite understand why Chris Jericho continues to help Kevin Owens, despite the fact that he is frequently screwed over the other way around, but I'm also not sure I care all that much because something about the Jericho-Owens team just works for me.

Plus, this saves us from a Roman Reigns double title reign that no one really wants to see and sets up for Rollins to jump ahead of him to get a shot at Owens to lead to his finally getting to Triple H.

Both matches were solid if unspectacular but what more could we really expect from an event that struggled to sell tickets and couldn't hold interest from the majority of the fan base?

All the best to all the rest

Big Countout: Lana and Enzo Amore taking 10 minutes to cut promos on each other would probably be a better booking decision than what they did with Rusev and Big Cass last night. That's sad, too, considering that should be a hoss fight to fall in love with. Instead, the finish was done so we can look forward to even more awkward interaction between Cass' little buddy and Rusev's wife. Joy.

Teamwork makes the dream work: It's a real shame we had to put up with Cesaro and Sheamus bickering for as long as we have but it was in service of getting The New Day a tag team title record and it gave us a solid enough payoff, where they finally came together and took the gold for themselves, just like Mick Foley planned. The bickering after the match was even a decent little nod to what they've been all about for all this time. Let's just cut it out now that they're champs, yeah?

Survive: Here's what I don't understand about Mick Foley's decision to come out with a white towel like he was going to surrender for Sami Zayn in his match with Braun Strowman: Why bother booking the match in the first place if there was any chance he would do that? He tricked Zayn into thinking he was trading him, got him all riled up, then was going to surrender for him when he fell prey to the monster like he knew was going to happen anyway? It made sense until he pulled that. Then, it didn't. Now it's just silly on Mick's part, and the idea that making it to 10 minutes without getting killed is a victory is also silly for Sami and doesn't do much for Strowman's mystique. This is what 50/50 booking looks like, and it sucks.

Can you handle this: Rich Swann defeating Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins was the right call, from where I'm sitting, but left you with that "oh, of course" feeling. Then Neville showed up and absolutely wrecked everyone's shit and suddenly the cruiserweight division has some real life to it. This was just the shot in the arm they needed.

Final thought: The Iron Man match was plenty of fun but this was a thoroughly mediocre show. It wouldn't have hurt you to skip it.

Grade: C-

Your turn.

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