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WWE Roadblock End of the Line 2016 results, live streaming updates: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Dec. 18, 2016) from the at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Roadblock below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns by disqualification
Charlotte Flair def. Sasha Banks
Rich Swann def. TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick
Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho
Sami Zayn def. Braun Strowman by lasting ten minutes
Cesaro & Sheamus def The New Day
Rusev def. Big Cass


New consequence machine, burn through all your gasoline. Asylum overtime, never mind, you reach the end of the line... but me, I'm just here to liveblog a wrestling... Oh, I'm also at the End of the Line. Fair enough, folks!

Preshow starts with the usual introduction of the panel, consisting today of Renee Young, Booker T, and Sam Roberts. We join Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge, where he talks up our ten minute time limit Man Event and promises a Q&A with Sami Zayn later.

The panel begin their usual rundown of the card with the tag title match before shifting to the Universal Championship and then the Raw Women's Championship.

Bayley joins the panel in her capacity as WWE's only Iron Woman (before today) to provide further commentary. When she finishes up, it's on to Rollins/Jericho.

We get a commercial for 205 Live before shifting to panel discussion of Zayn/Strowman. Throw to Sami in the Social Media Lounge. He's asked about fear and says that if you look into the eyes of any honest man you'll see fear, but he's very aware of what he can do to Braun in return and he thinks he has the exact healthy amount of fear to give him a shot to beat Braun.

He's asked about strategy and says that Braun should be strategizing because he's used to beating guys in two or three minute but Sami weathers storms. And finally asked what makes him different, he says he won't stay down. He moves to talk about why he's going after Braun so hard and says it encapsulates his whole ethos, for doing the right thing even when people tell you it isn't worth it. He leaves and Tom wishes him luck.

The panel tosses to a video recapping HHH's announcement of the tournament to crown a WWE United Kingdom Championship. Pete Dunne on my WWE Network screen mere hours after I recapped his defense of the Progress Championship against Zack Sabre, Jr. is wild, and Nigel McGuinness coming out even wilder.

TJ Perkins joins the panel to discuss the Cruiserweight Championship match and thence to a recap of Cass/Rusev. The match itself is next!


Entrances for the match feature our usual schtick, including Enzo Amore coming out with bigger hair than ever and wearing a leopard print shoulder holster for some reason to do the deal. He compliments her accent and physique but says if he really wanted to see her naked he would have just looked up her Wikileaks. He then says the joke is on him because he should have asked for his money up front, so I guess he's a gigolo? He puts over marrying Lana as a dumb decision because she'll eventually divorce him, but the dumbest decision he made was leaving Enzo laying in the hallway, because a) he got up, and b) he's not going to shut up.

They head back into remixes of their schtick, Cass saying he's got Enzo the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Enzo puts on a nose) and you can call him Santy Claus before running down the reindeer to "How you doin'"s from the crowd. He calls Rusev sawft and we finally move on.

Big Cass vs. Rusev

Collar and elbow, Cass forces Rusev in the corner for repeated punches, whip across, big boot lays the Bulgarian Brute out and he bails as we take a break.

Back from break and Cass is in charge with Rusev on his knees. Rusev heads to the apron and Cass drags him corner to corner for right hands and back elbows. Punches against the ropes, referee John Cone forces the break and Cass traps Rusev in the ropes for another punch. Rusev is reeling and tries to bail again but fights back with an elbow and a kick when Cass closes. Big Bulgarian right hands, he charges in with the thrust kick but Cass catches him and slams him!

Empire Elbow connects, Stinger splash, Rusev to the apron, Cass is getting fired up and charges over but Rusev jumps down to the outside. Rusev hops the barricade but Cass meets him and heads into the crowd. Rusev gets a few shots off and makes it back to ringside just in time to see Enzo jawing at Lana and he bowls Enzo over! Rusev slides back in the ring as Cass gets to Enzo...

Rusev wins by count-out.


The panel proceeds to shill for the WWE Network, Sam Roberts saying he would trade his as-yet unborn first child for the Network if he had to. The panel then moves on to discussion of the Universal Championship match and throw to a video package about the same.


Show proper opens with a video package covering all of tonight's matches with a police roadblock theme to it.

Big E does the deal, so that's the tag titles up first! They provide a number of name suggestions for Cesaro & Sheamus' team, including "Swing Low, Swiss Chariot", which gets Xavier singing. But call 'em whatever you want, you'll never call them your WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. Hip swivel, "New! Day Rocks!", etc.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. the New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Cesaro and Kofi start off, huge dropkick from the Swiss Superman and he starts running the Uppercut Train but Kofi gets a boot up. Diving crossbody caught, Kingston slips out, monkey flip, Cesaro lands on his feet, same in the opposite direction, looking for the swing, Kofi blocks, Sheamus levels him with a lariat on the apron! Tag to Sheamus, he starts beating on Kofi and tags Cesaro back in.

Finlay Roll, Cesaro drags Kingston back to his feet, tag made, Sheamus with the slingshot shoulder block for two. Short-arm lariat and Sheamus grounds Kofi with a reverse chinlock, really wrenching it in. Kingston to a knee, putting his hands in Sheamus' face and hitting a jawbreaker to get away but Sheamus knocks E off the apron. Tag to Cesaro... SWISS DEATH!

Kofi dodges and Cesaro goes shoulder-first into the corner but Big is still down on the outside and he can't make the tag. Sheamus in, back suplex, Kofi lands on his feet, back body drops Sheamus over the ropes to the outside. Sheamus hooks Kofi for the beats but Kingston slips away and tags E in. Spear through the ropes! Big E with the criss-cross to the big splash for two.

E looks to suplex Sheamus over the ropes but the Irishman blocks and snaps E over the ropes. Charge over, Big E with a powerbomb for a nearfall! Looking for the Big Ending, Sheamus out with a rake of the eyes, Cesaro tags in, looking for the Neutralizer but Big slips out, springboard corkscrew uppercut! Looking for the sing, Kofi comes in and Sheamus misses, hitting Cesaro! Big E tosses Cesaro into an enzuigiri from Xavier Woods, Big Ending connects... NOT ENOUGH!

Kofi tags in, looking for Midnight Hour but Sheamus has Kingston's leg. Cesaro with a Frankensteiner, Kofi reverses to a sunset flip! Sheamus Brogue Kicks E on the outside as Cesaro starts the swing! Sharpshooter applied, Xavier with the distraction as Kofi taps! Small package, Cesaro rolls through and deadlifts Kofi up into a suplex lift and over into the Neutralizer! Big E breaks up the pin!

Sheamus in, Cesaro with a tornillo of all things on Big E! He's calling for the Brogue Kick but Woods eats it. SOS! Sheamus kicks out! Sheamus misses the tag, Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Cesaro but he's not the legal man! Sheamus scoops him up...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by pinfall with a small package from Sheamus on Kofi Kingston, becoming the NEW WWE Raw Tag Team Champions!

New Day somewhat reluctantly present the tag titles to Cesaro and have a hug, but Sheamus yanks the belts away and holds them both up himself as Cesaro goes and celebrates in the crowd.


Kevin Owens is backstage, Christmas present in hand, when an interview rolls up on him. He's asked if he's worried about losing and asks if she's actively trying to insult him or just bad at her job. He's better than the New Day, and he's better than Cesaro and Sheamus, and he's sure as hell better than Roman Reigns. That's why he's the longest reigning Universal Champion in history.

She asks about Chris Jericho and he asks who she thinks she is to have the right to ask questions like that. The only thing you need to know is that Chris and he are best friends unconditionally. Tonight, tomorrow, forever.

He sees Jericho and hustles over to apologize for Monday, blaming Seth Rollins. Jericho turns and walks away and Owens stops him, saying he wants to make it up and he got him something. A holiday scarf, in fact. Jericho throws it in his face and walks away.


It's Man Event time!

Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn (10-Minute Time Limit Match)

Braun backs Zayn into the corner but Sami slips away. Same process on the opposite side and Sami throws a chop. Off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl headscissors, Sami throws a dropkick, corner mounted punches and Strowman chucks him away with a biel. Corner avalanche, Sami heads outside and Braun comes around for a hammerfist against the apron.

Knee lift in the ring and he chokes Zayn against the ropes. Braun catches Sami's foot on an upkick and yanks him away before setting him in the ropes for a big choke and a choke. Charges in, Zayn low bridges him, throws a kick, slingshot plancha, Braun catches him and pops him face-first into the apron! Back in the ring Braun wags his tongue and hits another corner avalanche into a short-arm lariat for a cover but he yanks Sami up at one and clubs him in the head.

Crossface blows send Zayn crumpling to the mat as referee Darrick Moore checks on him. Another cocky cover and Strowman shows Sami how much more time he has to DESTROY. A slap earns Sami a lariat and Braun laughs. A forearm levels Sami again but he won't stay down. A clubbing blow sends him down again and Strowman follows up with a body slam but Sami gets up on wobby legs again and again.

Braun clubs him down AGAIN, no good. Another lariat, Sami shakes his head, still staying in the fight. Another forearm and Mick Foley comes down the ramp, towel in hand. Braun throws Zayn out of the ring to Foley and follows after, demanding he throw the towel in. Mick hesitates and Sami crawls up and demands that he not throw it in. In fact, he grabs the towel and throws it into the crowd!

Strowman clubs him down and tells Mick the blood is on his hands but when he charges over, Sami dodges and Braun eats ringpost! Another charge... BRAUN GOES THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Sami rolls back in the ring as Moore counts but Braun gets in at nine! Sami ducks another corner avalanche, heads up top, diving crossbody, Braun kicks out and Zayn goes flying out of the ring!


Sami Zayn wins by lasting the ten minutes, apparently?


We get another video package for the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament.

Commentary then tosses to a video package for Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins, so that's up next.

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins

Circling, collar and elbow, Rollins throws Jericho over. Back to the lockup, Y2J gets a side headlock, Seth shoots him off, eats a shoulder block, Jericho poses for the crowd. Back to the lockup, Jericho has a wristlock, Seth rolls through, reverses, arm drag into an armbar. Chris to his feet, Seth with a snapmare into a Penalty Kick, follows up with a chop and punches in the corner.

Whip across, charge in, Chris gets the boot up, heads up top for a missile dropkick that gets two. The Architect back in with chops but Y2J turns him around in the corner and beats on him. Whip across, Rollins off with a clothesline, whip across of his own, Jericho holds the ropes and bails outside. Rollins with the diving knee off the apron and throws Chris into the barricade and back in the ring. Jericho hugs referee Rod Zapata and rakes Rollins' eyes before clubbing him over.

Y2J laying in chops, Rollins off the ropes, catapult into the ringpost. Seth charges in, gets back dropped to the apron and Zapata forces them apart, allowing Jericho to come in and knock him to the floor with a triangle dropkick! Seth back in at nine and Chris lays mounted punches in before trapping his arms for crossface blows and a reverse chinlock. Seth fights to his feet and punches Jericho's face in but when he comes off the ropes, Y2J is ready with a dropkick.

The wily veteran with a choke on the ropes, Zapata makes him break and he goes right back to it. Disdainful slaps to the head, Rollins blocks, throws a few of his own, kick, off the ropes and Jericho levels him with a knee strike to the gut. Looking for the Walls of Jericho, Seth gets the ropes and throws an enzuigiri. Boot up in the corner, Jericho going for the bulldog but the Architect crotches him on the turnbuckles.

Seth firing up, blocks punches and throws his own, whip reversed, duck under, sling blade! Charging forearms send Y2J to his hands and knees, back to his feet, Seth with the diving blockbuster for a nearfall! Pedigree clutch, back body drop, looking for the Walls of Jericho, Seth flips him away, Y2J with the enzuigiri, looking for the Lionsault but Rollins gets to his feet and dumps him outside!

Suicide dive takes Jericho out and Seth sends him back in for the springboard knee but Y2J catches him by the leg and locks the Walls of Jericho in! Rollins gets the ropes and Zapata has to explain to Jericho that he didn't actually win. Chris putting the boots to Seth on the apron, break is forced, looking for the triangle dropkick, Rollins cuts him off, goes for a frog splash but Jericho moved! Lionsault connects... no good!

Jericho off the ropes, Rollins floats over, and hits a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. On their knees trading forearms now, and to their feet, Chris runs the ropes into a knee strike, Seth hooks the Pedigree, Jericho blocks, Rollins reverses to a powerbomb clutch somehow and Jericho reverses again to a headscissors takeover and then the Walls of Jericho! Seth with a small package nearfall, Jericho runs the ropes, Seth sidesteps him, Jericho up top, dive misses, Avada Kedavra!

Frog splash connects, but Kevin Owens runs down! Seth takes care of him, Y2J grabs a small package but Zapata is distracted and doesn't get to the count until about four. Rollins looking for the Pedigree, Jericho back drops him again and yells at KO. Jumping knee, Jericho looking for a Codebreaker, Seth blocks...

Seth Rollins wins by pinfall with a Pedigree.


Commentary recaps some of the show from earlier for those that are joining us late, but if you're reading this, I have you covered anyway, right? Anyway, they announce a rematch for Big Cass vs. Rusev for tomorrow night.

Austin Aries joins us on commentary for the Cruiserweight Championship match.

Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann (c) vs. TJ Perkins (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Perkins and Kendrick immediately pair off but Swann comes in as soon as he can. TJP with a schoolboy on Swann, Kendrick attacks Perkins but Swann knocks the crap out of him and Brian takes a breather clutching his face. It doesn't last, though, because after a short exchange he yanks Rich out of the ring. Perkins gets him back in the ring and heads up top for a diving sunset flip and a kneebar but not the whole TJP Clutch and Kendrick makes the ropes.

Swann cuts him off with an enzuigiri and Frankensteiners both other men two for one! Step up seated senton on Kendrick off of Perkins' back! Side headlock, Perkins shoots him off, criss-cross, Kendrick lays the champ out with a kick and has one for Perkins as well that gets him a nearfall. TJP feinting in the ropes, Kendrick throws Swann into him, Swann heads up top for a missile dropkick, Kendrick takes him over with Saka Otoshi, and the Captain's Hook is in!

Perkins grabs a leg to break it up and has the whole TJP Clutch on! Rich breaks it up with a big splash and all three men are down.Swann charges in and Kendrick reverse STOs him into the turnbuckles, going for Sliced Bread #2 but Swann blocks. TJP knocks him down with a superkick and locks TJP Clutch on Rich! The champion crawls desperately for the ropes but he ain't out of gas yet and gets the ropes. Perkins doesn't have to break but he does anyway, drawing Swann up.

Rich throws a punch and TJ kicks his leg out from under him and they go a sluggin' until Kendrick comes in, who they lay out with a superkick, Swann immediately pivots his attention...

Rich Swann wins by pinfall with the knockout kick on TJ Perkins, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Post-match, Neville's pyro hits! He heads down to the ring and blindsides Rich, stomping the crap out of him! TJP makes the save and Neville kicks him to the mat! He's running roughshod on both men! He yanks Swann to his feet and throws him out of the ring! He punctuates it by throwing both men into the barricades before dragging Perkins over and into the ring. Swann follows and Neville stands over both men before leaving.


Kevin Owens is walking backstage, trying to get into Jericho's locker room. He bangs on the door, begging Chris to open up before settling for asking him to listen. He apologizes, saying he was just trying to help and their friendship has got to be stronger than that. If he wants to stay mad at him, fine, pull out the list and put Kevin Owens on top of the list, if that'll make him feel better. Friends make mistakes, he says, but best friends forgive each other. He says he guesses he has his answer and they're really not best friends anymore. That hurts his feelings, it really hurts.

Video package for the Women's Championship up now.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks (c) (WWE Raw Women's Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match)

They face off for a good thirty seconds before Flair runs the ropes and lets out a "Wooo!". Collar and elbow, Charlotte throws Sasha around but she stays in it until Flair shoves her off. Back to the lockup, Banks with a wristlock, wrenching it over, Charlotte rolls through to reverse to an armbar of her own. Sasha spins her around into a hammerlock but Flair goes to the mat with a front facelock.

The Boss reverses to a wristlock, yanking the arm, shoulder armbreaker, Flair with a side headlock. Takeover brings Sasha to the mat, she reverses to a headscissors, Flair with a back suplex, Banks lands on her feet and grabs a side headlock into a takeover of her own. Charlotte to her feet, Sasha throws knees in her face and runs the ropes but Flair knocks her down with a shoulder block. Greco-Roman knucklelock, Flair looking for pins, Sasha gets herself up top and takes Charlotte over.

A little Ali/Inoki action before the fight moves to the corner, Boss whipping Queen, overhead armdrag, crucifix pin, Bank Statement is on! Charlotte bails and takes her time getting in. Shoulder thrust from the apron, slingshot schoolboy pin, bridging schoolboy pin, Sasha kicks out both times before landing a backslide of her own that's equally effective. Whip, reversed, float over into another pin, dropkick, Sasha off the ropes with a Flair strut and a slap but Charlotte blocks and fires a kick off.

Big boot connects, off the ropes, Banks with a bodyscissors sleeper hold! Charlotte to her feet, backpack stunner to break into a pin but it only gets two. Slamming the Boss's face into the turnbuckles now, before dragging her outside for a Gallon Throw into the ringpost but Sasha blocks and hits a Meteora in return! She throws Flair back in the ring for a cover but it's not enough. Charlotte with a jawbreaker, scoop, Sasha out, Japanese stranglehold and a lungblower!

Wrenching the stranglehold in with a foot to the small of Charlotte's back but Flair isn't giving and gets to her feet and flips Sasha overhead to escape. Banks with a pair of clotheslines, dropkick, catches the boot, kick to the chest, Flair with an elbow, Banks throws her outside... TURNING SUICIDE DIVE! Back in the ring Charlotte kicks out and Sasha paces, examing her options. Charge in, popped to the apron, takes Charlotte's face into the turnbuckles but Flair trips her up and Banks goes face-first into the steel steps!

Charlotte drags Sasha's body back in the ring but she kicks out of a lateral press! Mounted punches, referee Chad Patton backs her off and checks on Sasha. Action resumes, Flair puts the boots to Banks and chokes her over the bottom rope. More turnbuckle action, snapmare, knee drops, cover... no good! Standing neck crank on the champon now but Sasha's fighting and gets to her feet. Charlotte slams her back down to the mat and comes off the ropes but Banks dodges her.

Charge in the corner, Boss with the feet up, crossbody for two, charges in herself, STO backbreaker / neckbreaker combo, another knee drop but Sasha kicks out. Figure four headscissors on and Charlotte smashes the champion's face into the mat over and over before rolling her through a few times but Sasha blocks the last one by pinning her for a nearfall.

Off the ropes, looking for From Dusk 'Til Dawn but Flair blocks and throws her in the corner, twisting her around and snapping her to the mat for another nearfall. Single leg dropkick from Flair, in the corner, Banks with the boots up, back elbow, kick to the arm, arm wringer takes Charlotte face first into the turnbuckle. The Boss with a rush of slaps and forearms crumpling Charlotte in the corner before a double knee strike!

Up top, crossbody comes up empty, Charlotte lands Natural Selection... NOT ENOUGH! Scoop, Sasha slips out, looking for the Bank Statement but Flair moves and she goes back to the sleeper. Charlotte backs her in the corner and snapmares her off. Flair up top, Banks cuts her off, follows, clubbing her back, setting up a superplex but Charlotte knocks her back down anyway...

Charlotte Flair wins the first fall with a diving Natural Selection, taking the lead 1-0.

She goes for a bonus cover but Sasha kicks out. Flair taunting her, slapping her in the face, Banks swings wildly, Charlotte ducks and hits a back suplex for a nearfall. Going for a second, Sasha blocks with elbows to the back of the head, ducks a lariat, tilt-a-whirl...

Sasha Banks wins the second fall with a side cradle, tying it up 1-1.

Quick exchanges, looking for the Bank Statement, Charlotte hits the big boot... NO GOOD! Flair drags the champion over to the corner, stomping her for good measure, before heading up top. Moonsault comes up empty and the Bank Statement crossface is in! Charlotte's crawling for the ropes but Sasha rolls her right back around into the middle of the ring...

Sasha Banks wins the third fall with the Bank Statement, taking the lead 2-1.

The Boss drags Charlotte back to her feet but Flair throws chop after chop and slaps in the corner but Sasha responds in kind. Charlotte hangs Sasha's leg up in the corner and drops a WICKED knee on it! She keeps working the knee over, but when she goes for the figure four Banks throws a forearm and rolls under the ropes. Charlotte heads around, snapping Sasha's leg against the ringpost and dragging her in the middle of the ring for a stepover toehold knee drop.

Kneeling on the knee and wrenching the foot up now but Sasha reverses to a cover for two. Chop block, more knees, just wrenching it hard, sitting down in an sort of a seated ankle lock before locking the figure four leglock on! Bridging to the Figure Eight but she can't hold it because Sasha's fighting her! The Boss fighting for the reversal, she gets Flair rolled over but Sasha brings it right back in! Throwing slaps but Sasha can't quite get out of it! Less than a minute left, fighting for the ropes!

The struggle is desperate, Banks yanking at Charlotte's arm as the clock passes twenty seconds! Screaming agony as we count down...

Charlotte Flair wins the fourth fall with the figure four leglock, tying it up 2-2 with no time left on the clock.

Referee Chad Patton has to make a decision here... we're going into sudden death overtime!

Sasha struggles to her feet as Charlotte prowls, throwing a dropkick before Patton even calls for the restart! The bell rings, Flair goes for the leg, Sasha rolls her over into a pin for a nearfall. Fallaway slam tosses the champion across the ring and Charlotte grabs a wristlock. Looking for a scoop slam, Sasha reverses for a small package.

Lungblocker connects but Banks' knee goes out on her! She manages to keep it together for the Bank Statement, Charlotte wrenching her legs to break it. Sasha fighting back with slaps as Charlotte gets the figure four back on! Trying to bridge into the figure eight but she can't quite manage it! Sasha's fingers are almost on the ropes! Charlotte gets the bridge...

Charlotte Flair wins the fifth fall with the Figure Eight Leglock, winning 3-2 and becoming the NEW WWE Raw Women's Champion!


Some sportsballmen are shown in the front row and commentary hypes up the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship)

Owens immediately bails as the bell rings.

He takes his time before heading back in... and immediately bails again. This time Roman follows him, however, and throws huge rights before sending him back inside. Another huge right hand, whip, KO grabs the ropes... and bails again. Big Dog slams Kev's head into the Spanish announce table but the champion gets the upper hand back in the ring, throwing hands and a side headlock takeover to ground Reigns.

Roman to his feet and out with Moment of Silence! Owens back out, Reigns follows, whip into the barricade! Back in the ring, Owens throws a senton and puts boots to Roman, stomping on his hand before punching him in the face. Whip across, reversed, kick to the face, off the ropes, Roman levels him with a pair of lariats but KO ducks the jumping one.

Back outside again, Kev throws Roman into the steps and hits a senton off of them as referee John Cone counts. He gets Reigns back in for a cover but it's not enough and he puts the boots to him once more. Right hand, another cover, Owens goes to the reverse chinlock and, as always, doesn't so much as twitch to lock it on. (Sorry guys, third rail of mine.)

Oh, wait, there's a pair of gentle wrenches, good job. Reigns is fading but will not fail, pushing himself up but KO snaps off a neckbreaker for two. Somersault leg drop gets another two and then he drags the Big Dog back into the chinlock. Roman fires himself up and gets to his feet only for the champion to knock him back down and go for the senton, but Reigns rolls out of the way!

Slugging it out punch for punch now, Reigns knocking Owens to his knees. Off the ropes, jumping lariat knocks him down again and Roman closes in for the corner lariats, KO countering the big finish with a forearm. Trading charging forearms now, Kev ducks a lariat, slips out of a Samoan drop, German suplex on the Big Dog! Trying to follow with the cannonball, Roman blocks, gets the Samoan drop this time but it's only good for two.

Going for the Superman Punch but KO spikes him with a DDT! Kev mocks the spear taunt and hits the cannonball but Roman pops right up with a Superman Punch for a nearfall! Reigns putting the boots to the champion in the corner before setting him up top. He's thinking superplex but Owens blocks with body blows and knocks him down with overhead elbows.

Reigns back at him with a Superman Punch, he climbs up, Owens blocks him again, avalanche fisherman buster! KO heads up top himself, Swanton but the Big Dog had his knees up! Calling for the spear now but the champion bails, so he hits the Drive-By and throws Owens back in the ring. Owens rolls right back out, a second Drive-By misses and Kev hits a superkick! Another one sets Reigns up on the announce table... FROG SPLASH BUT THE TABLE DOESN'T BREAK!


John Cone is counting.. ROMAN IN RIGHT AS HE GETS TO TEN! FROG SPLASH... NOT ENOUGH! Owens to his feet, Reigns is hurting, he shoots him off but Roman holds the ropes, soon after he hits the sitout powerbomb for a nearfall! Calling for the spear, Owens throws a knee up and grabs a schoolboy for two, Roman charges in, pop-up powerbomb... ROMAN HAS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!

Owens heads outside, trying to figure out what he can do to end this, and gets his title belt. Cone admonishes him, but Roman hits the spear! He can't capitalize! Chris Jericho comes down, he looks between both guys like he's trying to figure out what to do. He turns to Roman... CODEBREAKER ON OWENS!

Kevin Owens wins by disqualification, retaining the WWE Universal Championship.

After the match Jericho gives Owens his title and raises his hand! They hug! It was an elaborate ruse! Roman stares daggers at them and they book it up the ramp only to run into Seth Rollins. Owens runs into a spear and Jericho gets caught with a Pedigree in the ring. Seth dumps Jericho out of the ring and disassembles the Spanish announce table.

The Shield boys have a plan... DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

Owens beats a retreat but Rollins catches up to him and they beat the Universal Champion up two on one, bringing him over to the announce desk on the stage. Fistbump, they clear the table... DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE... AGAIN!

Rollins and Reigns stand tall over Owens' body in the pit just past the stage, and that's the show, folks.

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