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WWE Roadblock End of the Line predictions: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

WWE returns to pay-per-view (PPV) -- if your cable provider is carrying the event, of course -- tomorrow night (Sun., Dec. 18, 2016) live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with its Roadblock: End of the Line event starting at 7:00 p.m. ET with the Kickoff show leading right on into the main course at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Set for the card: A women’s Iron Man match, Roman Reigns attempts to become double champion when he challenges Kevin Owens for the Universal championship, and more!

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our staff of learned wrestling blowhards is here to help figure out just how the event is going to play out with predictions for each match on the card.

Let's get to it.


Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair

Geno Mrosko: So this is where Ric Flair costs Banks a fall and reunites with his daughter, right? Pick: Charlotte

Sean Rueter: Doing these, I'm realizing I wouldn't be shocked to see most of the matches on this card go either way. Here, I'm picking with my heart, and the knowledge babyfaces tend to win feuds in the MeekMahan's kingdom. Pick: Sasha Banks

Kyle Decker: Charlotte doesn't lose on PPV. Pick: Charlotte

Reverend Kain: The stove is hot. I know the stove is hot. I should not touch the stove. I kind of want to touch the stove. Charlotte doesn't lose on PPV, but it takes more than one fall (ideally) to win an Iron Man. I'm gonna touch the stove. Pick: Sasha Banks

Cain A. Knight: Charlotte never loses in championship matches on PPV and I don't think her streak was hyped up enough heading into this match for them to actually break it at Roadblock. Sting will probably offer Sasha advice on why it's totally fine to trust Ric Flair despite his traitorous past, and that naivety will lead to Sasha's downfall when Ric turns heel as the clock is winding down. As the calendar turns to 2017, Bayley will be next in line to lose a bunch of PPV matches to Charlotte, while Sasha will probably be squashed by Nia Jax. Pick: Charlotte Flair

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

Geno Mrosko: Sure, they could go with the title change here and make Reigns a double champion like Conor McGregor and Seth Rollins before him but something tells me that isn’t happening just yet. Pick: Owens

Sean Rueter: How cool would it be for KO to just pin Reigns in a match with no tomfoolery? And that's not me hating on Roman, just thinking how a statement win like that could change the whole conversation about Owens run. Alas, that's the least likely outcome. I expect the title to be on the Big Dog or his buddy Seth soon, but probably not yet. Here, I'm expecting an underhanded win of some sort. Pick: Kevin Owens

Kyle Decker: This one is causing me more trouble than it should. On one hand, I can't see the title changing hand during a B- December PPV. However, the story going into this is that Owens can't win without Jericho and I suspect earlier in the night, Jericho will be defeated by Rollins. I'm going to guess that Jericho still finds a way to interfere keeping the strap on Owens for now. Pick: Kevin Owens

Reverend Kain: Since this isn't title-for-title, Kevin Owens retains the champion's advantage, and for that reason alone I feel pretty confident he, as HHH's new golden boy, leaves the arena as Universal Champion. I might be foiled if it's KO getting disqualified rather than being run-in on by former best friend Chris Jericho and winning by DQ, but I'm feeling pretty confident about a screwy finish. Pick: Kevin Owens

Cain A. Knight: The outcome of this match would be harder to predict if both championships were on the line. But Roman's belt is not as risk, and that probably means he is going to lose. I don't believe that Jericho and Owens are truly broken up yet, and I expect Jericho to once again play a major role in helping KO retain his title. Pick: Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Geno Mrosko: If Owens wins later, Jericho loses here. Pick: Rollins

Sean Rueter: The List is about to fill up, because I don't think Chris is winning many feuds in the waning days of his run. There's not much point in lingering on this part of the Seth/Triple H story, anyway. Pick: Seth Rollins

Kyle Decker: Seth laid out that Jericho is the first of the mini bosses he needs to defeat to get to the big boss at the end of the game: Triple H. He needs to get rid of Jericho so he can get to Owens and then defeat Owens to get to Triple H. It's unlikely Seth loses the fight at the end of the first level - those are always the easy ones. Pick: Seth Rollins

Reverend Kain: Seth Rollins is making a bee-line for Triple H and I'm not gonna bet on anything getting in his way. Pick: Seth Rollins

Cain A. Knight: 3 hours for Raw is way too long, and when that hurdle is combined with a brand split, it means that these guys end up in the same match nearly every other week. From September through October there were three different episodes of Raw where this exact match took place. The match they have is always good, just as this one will probably be, but there is just no reason to care anymore. Rollins has already laid out a plan for gaining revenge on Triple H, and it will be a really poor start if he can't even get the job done against mini-boss number one. Pick: Seth Rollins

The New Day vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Geno Mrosko: It’s time to give New Day the chance to reinvent themselves, and they can’t do that with the titles over their shoulders/around their waists. Plus, we need the payoff to the Cesaro and Sheamus story. Pick: Cesaro & Sheamus

Sean Rueter: Not yet... we made it this far, might as well get to the 500s. And they just did the "record is broken on TV then snapped on the following PPV" story with Nikki last year. Pick: New Day

Kyle Decker: While I don't think the New Day are going to hold onto the titles for long, I think they'll give it a little more time to build to the loss. At the same time, I think it'll be Cesaro and Sheamus who eventually beat them. Because of that, can't go down clean here. So I expect the challengers will win in a way that doesn't yield them the titles, such as DQ or count out. Pick: Cesaro and Sheamus


Cain A. Knight: I really hope they don't change the titles here. I love Cesaro and all, but the New Day should lose the titles to culminate a better developed story than this. Considering how late this match was added to the card, I trust that WWE will hold off a little bit longer before making a title change. Pick: New Day

Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins

Geno Mrosko: There’s literally no reason to do a title change here. Pick: Swann

Sean Rueter: Is there an option for "please not TJ"? Guess I'm not picking any title changes here where street is closed as the line ends (that seems dumb of me, aka, par for the course). Pick: Rich Swann

Kyle Decker: I don't see a title change coming here, but I see a TJ Perkins heel turn happening after the match to vault them into a Perkins/Swann program: Pick Rich Swann

Reverend Kain: They can't handle this. Pick: Rich Swann

Cain A. Knight: This match could potentially steal the show if it gets 15 minutes. The "Outlandish" moniker is a terrible idea and won't do Swann any favors going forward, but he seems to be the man right now in the Cruiserweight division. A heel turn for Perkins is imminent, but I think that just means TJP is eating the fall here. He'll turn heel on either Raw or 205 Live. Pick: Rich Swann

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

Geno Mrosko: HugeMan McNeedsNoPlan is unbeatable and I refuse to believe otherwise. Pick: Strowman

Sean Rueter: Time limit draw seems pretty obvious, right? Pick: Time limit draw

Kyle Decker: The ten minute time limit is great because we all knew Sami wasn't picking up a pin. The question is can he go the distance. I don't see why they shouldn't go with what makes both guys look good. Pick: Time limit draw

Reverend Kain: Look, I like Sami Zayn and all, he's got a lot of heart, but you need more than just heart to win in the Man Event. I think he does well for himself, he puts up a good fight, but Braun's over here busting out Vader moves. No chance. Pick: Braun Strowman

Cain A. Knight: This could be Strowman's chance to show that he actually can have a decent 10-minute match. But I consider him to be one of the worst wrestlers in the company, and so my expectations are super low. Asking Strowman to wrestle for 10 minutes is just begging for a disaster, and I think it is more likely that he squashes Zayn in less than two minutes, just as he promised he would. It's too bad that Sami Zayn is stuck with this no-win situation of either being squashed in 2 minutes or getting mauled in a boring sub par match for 10 minutes. Sami isn't going to come out of this looking good. Pick: Braun Strowman

Rusev vs. Big Cass

Geno Mrosko: Uhhh ... Cass? Yeah, that works. Pick: Big Cass

Sean Rueter: Promo time will be longer than the actual match. Beyond that, I'm guessing this isn't the blow-off, so let's go with the dude Vince thinks is the bad guy. Pick: Rusev

Kyle Decker: Here's how I see the ending going down: Rusev puts Cass on the Accolade. However from the corner of his eye, the sees Lana peeking at Enzo's crotch (Zo may or may not be in his underwear at the time for reasons unknown). This enrages the Bulgarian who breaks the hold. The distraction allows Big Cass to hit the East River Crossing for the win. Pick: Big Cass

Reverend Kain: If this were a Hotel Room Brawl, I'd take Rusev any day of the week, but since we're in the ring, well... How you doin'? Pick: Big Cass

Cain A. Knight: Rusev is going to have to work his ass off to pull a decent singles match out of Big Cass. Big Cass is the one who WWE wants to protect so I don't expect him to submit to the Accolade. Rusev is either going to be defeated after a short and ugly match that might see some interference from Enzo Amore, or he'll take the cheap way out by causing a DQ or count out. Pick: Big Cass

That’s how we see the card playing out. You?

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