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WWE Roadblock End of the Line: Big Cass vs. Rusev full match preview

Singles Match

Big Cass vs. Rusev

Rusev likes to spend time in his hotel room annihilating men in their underwear. It’s up to Big Cass to put an end to that twisted behavior.

The Road to Roadblock

This all started last month with a harmless prank, when Big Cass locked a naked Enzo Amore out of the men’s locker room. Enzo had no choice but to walk through the backstage area while having understandably awkward exchanges with other WWE superstars who bumped into him in this vulnerable state.

But the naked Certified G quickly got his groove back when Lana happened to see his exposed genitals. Rusev suddenly appeared and angrily asked, "Why are you naked in front of my wife?"

This led to a match between Rusev and Enzo. On his way to the ring, Enzo said that if Lana wanted to see him naked she could have just hacked his phone like everybody else in her country. An irate Rusev proceeded to crush Enzo into submission within one minute.

That defeat did not deter Enzo from talking more trash the following week when he had a rematch with Rusev. On his way to the ring, Enzo recapped the luckiest day in Lana’s life, and claimed that during Thanksgiving dinner Lana was only thinking of a Certified G stuffing her turkey.

Rusev lost his mind and didn’t even wait thirty seconds before kicking Enzo right in the balls, ending their match via disqualification.

The following week, Enzo observed a nasty argument backstage between Rusev and Lana, and he interrupted it in order to stick up for Lana. Lana took off her wedding ring and tossed it at Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute stormed off, and then Lana privately invited Enzo Amore to her hotel room later that night for some sexy times.

Big Cass warned Enzo against going to Lana’s hotel room, but Enzo lost control of his inhibitions after Lana texted him a picture of her face and collarbone. Later on, Rusev found Big Cass backstage and physically provoked him into accepting a match with the Super Athlete.

Meanwhile Ric Flair arrived at the building in a fancy limousine and had a bonding moment with Enzo over their mutual horny compulsions. This culminated with the Nature Boy enthusiastically offering Enzo a limousine ride to Lana’s hotel in order to get lucky.

Big Cass made his way to the ring and waited while Rusev’s entrance music played, but Rusev failed to appear in the arena. Big Cass finally realized that Enzo was in big trouble and so he used a phone from a ring crew member to call Enzo and warn him about Rusev’s whereabouts, but Enzo ignored the call from an unknown number.

As Enzo approached Lana’s hotel room door he immediately had second thoughts and tried to turn around. But Lana opened the door wearing a robe and lured him into stepping foot inside.

Lana seductively bit into strawberries and bent over to pick a napkin while Enzo repeatedly told her that he needed to go and that he was very uncomfortable. He continued to resist even as Lana ripped his shirt off and showed him more cleavage. But ultimately Enzo was thinking too much with his Little G and he caved in when Lana ordered him to take his pants off.

Enzo dropped his pants and this prompted Lana to call him a fool, before she called Rusev into the room. Enzo turned around in horror to see a furious Rusev standing right there, and Rusev proceeded to lay a vicious and lengthy beating on an almost naked Enzo Amore. Enzo was slammed into a couch, thrown through a coffee table, and had both a lamp and a glass vase smashed over his head.

Rusev then dragged Enzo’s unconscious body outside the hotel room and into the hallway. This entire scheme must have gotten Rusev in the mood to take care of business, because he put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his hotel room doorknob before closing the door.

The following week on Raw, Rusev and Lana were gloating in the ring and celebrating how well their trap for Enzo worked out. Lana reiterated how stupid Enzo was for thinking that anyone other than Rusev could have her.

Big Cass interrupted their celebration and ran down to the ring, engaging in a brief ringside brawl with Rusev.

Big Cass will look to gain a more satisfying measure of revenge at the RoadBlock: End of the Line kickoff show. When Rusev is forced to deal with a man who is even bigger than him, will the whole world see that Rusev is S-A-W-F-T?

Tune into the Roadblock: End of the Line kickoff show and keep it here on Cageside Seats to see who wins!

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