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Bray Wyatt is addicted to winning titles, coming for Miz’s next ‘cause that should be easy’

Here’s a feud I didn’t know I wanted until right now. Sure, Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz would technically be heel vs. heel, but it would be very easy to use their conflict to turn one of them. Or just let them be themselves and let the cheers/boos fall where they may. They’re such different kinds of “bad guys”, and anarchist vs. elitist just writes itself.

Oh yeah, where did I get the idea? From this quote in an interview the Eater of Worlds gave to Washington, D.C.’s WTOP News about who he’d like to face now that he, Randy Orton & Luke Harper have won the SmackDown tag championship (emphasis mine):

This thing is addicting. Once you got one you just want to take them all. We rule SmackDown already, why not just make it official, cause for some reason when someone sees you walking around with this, whether they've had it before or whatever, you get some kind of newfound respect and I think that's what I'm after anyway. I'll just take one from The Miz, cause that should be easy, then AJ Styles. There's three of us, then anytime you bring back Braun, you bring back Rowan, you bring back -- the new ones. It's an unstoppable, impenetrable fortress if we keep steam rolling ahead, who knows what'll happen.

And if the Miz dig doesn’t do anything for you, there’s also the prospect of Wyatt vs. Styles, or a five (plus?) man Family running roughshod over Monday and Tuesday nights.

Check out the whole interview. Bray Wyatt interviews are never dull.

Bray Wyatt WWE Tag Team Champion, at WTOP now with sports anchor Chris 'The Big Chee' Cichon,' ahead of Verizon Center Smackdown tonight!

Posted by WTOP News on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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