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Triple H reacts to criticism of Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series

There were quite a few fans who were none too pleased with WWE when the decision was made to have Goldberg squash Brock Lesnar in just under 90 seconds in the main event of Survivor Series last month in Toronto. During an interview with Newsweek in the U.K., Triple H responded to those complaints:

“People never saw it coming. When you shock them, they’re angry that you shocked them. When you don’t shock them, they say it’s too predictable.”

You’re never going to please everyone. From the response here, there were more fans who were pleased with the outcome than there were who were displeased.

As for whether or not it was good for Brock Lesnar and his character:

“I guess we’ll see. Would you watch him again…? I don’t think we’ve caused any damage. I’ve seen Brock Lesnar get beat in the UFC, too. It didn’t hurt his value when he [returned] to WWE. You make the best creative decisions [based on] where you want to get to.”

Lesnar will be fine (he’s already squashing other wrestlers), just like he was before, and WWE will keep trucking right along either which way. Hey, there’s always next time.

And fans will probably complain then too.

It’s kind of what we do.

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