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Leaked notes from WWE Live event show Vince McMahon is a particular boss

Want a look into the behind-the-scenes production plans for a WWE house show?

Vince McMahon

Wrestlers don’t just go out there and do whatever they feel like, you know. Neither do the referees or the announcers or anyone — there are producers and backstage people putting together the entire affair from where we can’t see them.

This is also the case at house shows, and thanks to someone leaving behind a rules sheet meant for Jamie Noble at a recent Lowell, Massachusetts WWE Live event, we get some insight into the particulars of the mind of Vince McMahon for a RAW-branded show that only a few thousand people will attend.

If you’re having a hard time reading the photo, worry not, because Wrestling Inc. already managed to translate all that microscopic typing into regular-sized words for you.

Seeing that pile drivers aren’t allowed doesn’t stick out all that much these days given they aren’t a thing on WWE television, but maybe the looser rules of the house show mean Vince needs to remind the talent not to try to get away with something special. Or maybe Kevin Owens has been threatening to reintroduce the Package Piledriver when no one is paying attention.

There are no impromptu promos, and John Cena is the only wrestler who could do the “YEA-BOO STUFF,” a description that is hilarious when you picture Vince saying it out loud.

It is good to see that there are specific rules about stopping matches for medical reasons, and not to let the wrestlers bully the referees and medical personnel into continuing a match when it’s not in their best physical interests. On the other hand, no low blows? Come on, Vince, give the people what they want.

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