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Bayley and Charlie the Tribute to the Troops service dog are the heroes we need right now

There have been some, let’s call them concerning elements to how the WWE main roster’s handled Bayley’s character. She’s participated in a five-on-one beatdown of a fellow babyface. Even though it wasn’t of her own making, she was dragged into a love triangle program. Tonight at Tribute to the Troops, she basically called Dana Brooke a dog.

But I’m willing to look past all that, because tonight, she had an honorary partner for her match against Brooke... Charlie, a 6 month old black Labrador Retriever being trained as a service animal by America’s VetDogs to assist with their mission to “provide enhanced mobility and renewed independence to veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities, allowing them to once again live with pride and self-reliance.”

This is Charlie in August, when he was on Today:

Here he is with Bayley (and his trainer Olivia) at yesterday’s taping:

@itsmebayley showing her love for #Charlie and all he's done for our country #Troops

A photo posted by WWE (@wwe) on

OHMAIGAWD. And I’m a cat guy.

It gets better. Charlie was ringside during the bout, and got nervous when he thought the Hugster was losing!

IT’S STILL REAL TO HIM. Cause he’s like seven in dog years. Don’t worry, Char. This is kind of like a house show... the babyfaces are going over.


Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to make Bayles any more adorbs. I vote she always be accompanied to the ring by baby animals. Or, at least for her big matches, like the ones where Triple H gets robots and warrior women and stuff.

In the meantime, in case that doesn’t become a thing, head here to learn more about America’s VetDogs, including how to help.

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