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The ninja turtle Alberto Del Rio beat up didn’t touch Paige after all

Somehow, this story has taken an even weirder turn.

Paige on Instagram

The saga of Alberto Del Rio beating up a ninja turtle continues, but maybe it’s also at its end. Thanks to LuchaWorld’s Fredo Esparza tweeting out an explanation from Tortuga Ninja Rafy himself, we now have a better sense of what went down.

Some background, in case you haven’t been following along: former WWE superstar Del Rio allegedly had shoot beaten up Rafy, who is one of the Ninja Turtles in Mexico, for touching his fiance and WWE wrestler, Paige. Del Rio supposedly beat Rafy in a one-sided affair to the point that the smaller man’s face was pretty busted up. We got clarification on Tuesday from Del Rio that there are consequences to be had for disrespecting his fiance by inappropriately touching her, and by consequences, he means his fists in your face.

So, uh, it turns out that maybe no one touched Paige inappropriately, but that this was all a big misunderstanding both in terms of what Rafy did to enrage Del Rio and also how badly Del Rio manhandled him. There are a ton of tweets in reference to this at Esparza’s account, but we’ll just pick out the most important ones.

Del Rio ripped off Rafy’s mask, Rafy ran to the back to cover up, the fight continued, and at some point, it became clear there was a misunderstanding here. Del Rio apologized to Rafy for jumping to conclusions and into battle, Rafy apologized for what he thought was a compliment, and it turns out he wasn’t knocked out or his face destroyed, despite reports to the contrary.

This is the most wrestling tweet of the bunch, and also a fine place to end this deep dive into violence against men dressed up like turtles:

Maybe we need some new rules for the safety of everyone. Just some generalized guidelines to help you and your face survive an encounter with Alberto Del Rio.

  1. Don’t disrespect Paige or do anything that might be misconstrued as disrespect of Paige, even if you think that it won’t be seen as disrespectful

That’s it. Eyes and head down, except keep watching where you’re going, and keep those limbs to yourself, mister. Oh, unless Del Rio thinks your ignoring Paige completely is disrespectful. In which case, just start running and hope you’re faster than he is.

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