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Donald Trump may have been worked by Vince McMahon limo explosion angle, according to old Triple H interview

Here’s a fun one.

A 2008 appearance by Triple H on the Opie & Anthony radio show - dig that boyish looking Sam Roberts! - has been making the rounds this morning because in it, Haitch tells the radio hosts that the aborted “Who killed Vince McMahon?” angle from the year before fooled a lot of famous people, including one future President of the United States.

WWE did report the limousine explosion and presumed death of the Mr. McMahon character on their website as a “news” story, and it gained some mainstream traction before the company pulled the plug on the whole thing in the wake of the Benoit tragedy.

But you wouldn’t think that Donald Trump, who just months before was in a storyline with Vince for WrestleMania 23, would be suckered in, right? Well...

What kills me is, so many people called - I mean the office the next day... I’m not kidding you. Like, and they’ll probably get mad a me for saying it, but like Trump called and is like, “did something happen to Vince?”

Surely, the Game is just embellishing to create a funny talk show anecdote... I think.

Who knows?

I certainly won’t be surprised if the President-elect Tweets about it later, kicking off a week of a Twitter beef with the Cerebral Assassin.

This is the world we live in now.

H/T: Deadspin

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