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New Day set the tag record, and now WWE can move on

Tuesday’s Rude Awakening includes the record-setting New Day, Kevin Owens heeling on a child, and Matt Riddle’s labor issue.

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At 479 days, the New Day are now the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions of all-time. New Day had to earn it, too, at least on Monday’s edition of RAW, as they won two triple threat matches in order to retain their titles. The "at least" in that last sentence is mostly because New Day hasn’t necessarily been earning these titles the last few months, as WWE has been holding the entire division in stasis while waiting for the record-breaking day to show up on the calendar.

That’s not to say New Day’s reign has been entirely without enjoyment, as they were on an incredible run for nearly a year that pushed them into this position in the first place. Besides making New Day wrestle and cheat like heels while still being faces on the mic and in coworker alignments, though, there wasn’t any real character development, as Chasing the Record was their entire motivation.

It slowed the progress of Sheamus and Cesaro joining forces in a non-reluctant fashion, it forced a whole lot of tell, not show with Gallows and Anderson, who were the most ineffectual most dominant team in recent memory, and it kept anything from moving forward in the entire division. That’s a whole lot of stale in a weekly three-hour show, but at least the t-shirts kept moving off the shelves. Luckily, the record is now secure, and maybe now RAW will move on and put the straps on someone else. It’s best for the division, it’s best for moving the New Day on to the next stage in their stable’s history, and it’ll help Monday’s show feel fresh and new in a way it hasn’t been allowed to for months.

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