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Chris Hero Tweets about ‘irresponsible journalism’ and wrestling fans wonder what it means for reports he’s returning to WWE

Reports came from two of the wrestling media’s more reliable sources yesterday that Chris Hero is set to leave the independent scene and return to WWE, and fan reaction ran the gamut from excitement for his future to dread for the indies.

Into an online debate about why Triple H & team would re-sign a guy they allegedly let go for poor workout habits when he obviously hasn’t become a gym rat since he left, and if WWE’s latest talent acquisition drive will sign every name worker not already locked up, Hero dropped this:

It’s unclear if the 36 year old is even talking about yesterday’s news stories, but the timing certainly points to that as a likely subject. But even is we make the assumption Hero’s talking about Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Sheet (the outlets which reported on his returning to WWE) and not Breitbart or the lamestream media... is he saying he’s disappointed they ruined the surprise? Or that he’s not returning in the first place?

Or, is he just throwing out a vague Tweet to throw us all off the scent of whatever really is going on with his career?

Fortunately, this being the internet, everyone will undoubtedly have a calm, reasonable discussion about the possibilities without jumping to conclusions or attacking one another.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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