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Report: Chris Hero returning to WWE


It looks like NXT is going to have a returning wrestler.

As initially reported to by the Wrestling Observer and then by Pro Wrestling Sheet, indie and former NXT wrestler Chris Hero will be returning to the WWE.

While the Observer’s report doesn’t specify if he will be going to the main stage or NXT, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that it will be in NXT and that he will pick back up with the Kassius Ohno name that he was using prior to his release. A return to NXT isn’t surprising as they are still trying to fill spaces after the brand split raided some of their talent.

Hero was released at the end of 2013 and then returned to the indie circuit where he’s been active for the last three years. (He wrestled just hours ago at Evolve 75 and you can find the details of all of that in your man ReverendKain’s recap.)

At the time of his WWE departure, he released a long statement and part of it was as followed:

“I'm leaving WWE on good terms so, if it's meant to be, I'm sure I will be back. If it's not meant to be, I can guarantee you that I will still be trotting all over the globe doing what I love (and what I'm damn good at) at the highest level possible.”

It looks like this has proven true. He did wrestle around the world and is still damn good at it. And it may have taken three years, barring any changes, it looks like he will be back in the WWE.

Who’s excited for the original KO to return to NXT?

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