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Former WWE writer Tom Casiello comments on his departure: Praises the McMahons, shoots down rumors he was fired for sexual orientation or political differences, says don’t fear for women’s wrestling

News broke on Friday that WWE had let Tom Casiello, the Managing Lead Writer who oversaw the Raw and SmackDown writing teams, go.

As my colleague Keith Harris wrote about yesterday, this was seen by many observers of the company of another example of Vince McMahon’s management style, of the CEO souring on an outside hire (Casiello has a resume full of other television work prior to coming into WWE). There were also some online who speculated the move might have been related to Casiello’s not being a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, or even his sexual orientation. Then there were fears the company’s recent support of women’s wrestling would diminish or disappear with Casiello to champion it.

None of these things are true, according to the man himself.

In responding to a Tweet from a wrestling site claiming his departure was “MAJOR NEWS” and promising “more to come” on the story, Casiello sent the following series of messages:

End of story? It seems to be for Casiello. And while it does raise questions (that the recent Vice Sports story re-raised, but have long been there) about how WWE is run, it should address speculation he was somehow discriminated against.

But, with wrestling and the internet, I kind of doubt this goes away... until the next “MAJOR NEWS” which gets us worked up.

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