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Lana wants your help naming her new finisher

Lana’s been having herself a great weekend in Florida working the NXT house show circuit. Not only is she 2 - 0 in matches against Sarah “Mary Dobson” Bridges, but her performances have been pretty well-received, and she’s suddenly a hot topic among wrestling fans for something other than how her character is presented on the main roster.

Other than her dance moves, the most talked about element of Lana’s work in St. Petersburg and Winter Haven is her finisher... a fishers(wo)man’s sit-out spinebuster. And not because she’s accusing Dana Brooke of stealing it!

Check it out here, courtesy of Wrestling Observer’s JJ Williams:

In response to Williams, Lana has thrown out a few suggestions, but also wants your help naming the move:

So what do you say, Cagesiders? We’re good at this stuff... let’s help Mrs. Rusev out!

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