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WWE teasing Austin Aries move to cruiserweight division

Austin Aries is currently out of action while recovering from surgery, one that put a permanent foreign object in his face. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, however, he was called in to do commentary for the debut episode of 205 Live.

He didn’t exactly receive high praise for his performance there.

Thankfully, it’s not likely to be a permanent move. In fact, WWE is teasing Aries making a move to the cruiserweight division once he’s healthy enough to wrestle again:

However, calling the high-flying action of the Cruiserweight division wasn’t the only reason Aries was at ringside; he also revealed he was scouting the competition and let his intention to claim the WWE Cruiserweight Championship be known.

Considering his size, skill set, and name value, he would add great value to the cruiserweight division if and when he shows up in it. That likely wouldn’t be until at least WrestleMania, however, depending on his recovery from surgery.

Like the idea?

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