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Eva Marie: Top guys tell me they would pay for the heat I get

Eva Marie’s very existence within WWE is a problem for many fans, all of whom boo her as loud as their voices will allow when she shows up in arenas around the globe. She is easily the most hated wrestler on the roster. In fact, I’ll probably get heat just for calling her a wrestler in that last sentence.

For her part, Eva loves it. What’s more, others, even those higher up on the card, are straight up jealous of it. That’s what she told the International Business Times, at least, when talking about playing heel in front of NXT crowds:

“The NXT crowd is no joke. Not only going out to those live crowds and those live audiences to work at those live events, not only my in-ring ability, but also to listen to the crowd and really play off of that emotion and their feelings and be able to give them a great show really helped me take it to the next level. It was a fantastic experience. Who can say that they get booed out of arenas on a daily basis? I embrace it with open arms. Even top guys come up to me and they’re like, ‘You don’t understand. We would pay for that heat.’”

This plays into the great debate in today’s pro wrestling community on whether or not the heat she speaks of is a good or a bad thing.

But if she’s got top guys telling her they wish they had it...

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