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It’s silly how WWE won’t let Cody Rhodes use his name

His words, as told to USA Today:

"It's an ongoing situation. I like going by my first name sometimes because it's so silly. They know what last name is. They know where I came from, It's silly that in the same period that (WWE will) promote a tag team tournament in honor of my dad, that you disallow me to use my last name. But please, please let me say, I'm not mad at anybody and it will work itself out without any type of lawsuit. It will take some time. But in the meantime, I'll use the one thing they can't take from me and that's Cody."

He’s a nice guy about it but it absolutely says something that WWE would use Dusty Rhodes to promote a tournament for its developmental brand while telling Dusty’s own son he can’t use the name while finding work outside of the company. That’s corporate heartlessness at its finest, even if Cody is sure to say he’s not angry at anyone.

He has every right to be.

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