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We’re probably getting another Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte women’s title match

When Sasha Banks won the women’s championship from Charlotte for the third time on Monday Night Raw this week, the general reaction was a mix of entertainment and fatigue. They’re great, sure, and they put on consistently fun matches but it sure feels like we’ve seen a thousand of them.

We’re probably getting at least one more.

Raw has another pay-per-view (PPV) before the dual brand Royal Rumble in January, the Roadblock event scheduled for Dec. 18 in Pittsburgh. Charlotte has already stated her intention of getting the belt back, and the preview for next week’s episode of Raw leads with that very story.

Plus, there’s that whole “mandatory rematch” nonsense.

They’ve teased Bayley joining the title picture for some time now, and Nia Jax has some unfinished business with The Boss, but it looks clear we’ll have to wait at least another couple of weeks to get to all that.

My question to you is whether or not you’re in for at least one more Banks vs. Charlotte match.


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