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Booker T says it’s time to send James Ellsworth ‘back to the indies’

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Good natured Raw vs. SmackDown banter before Survivor Series? A legitimate complaint from a Hall of Famer who runs a wrestling school/promotion? A bit of both?

No matter how you cut it, Raw Talk’s Booker T is ready for the blue brand to move on from their favorite underdog. On the latest episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, he answered a question from a fan who said he’s sick of James Ellsworth on SmackDown thusly:

It is old. I’m tired of seeing James Ellsworth. This kid had one hell of a run, send him back to the indies. I’ve actually seen this guy at a convention about a month ago, as soon as he got on television... I was actually appalled [laughes], but this guy is going to live off this run for quite some time. He’s probably getting a good price out there on these indie shows. They’re probably bringing him in just for entertainment purposes only...

But the thing of it is, me personally I’m not a hater - Ellsworth, get your paper - but you must ride it for as long as you can. Look at Hornswoggle, he worked with WWE for 6, 7, 8 years - he made a lot of money - you can’t hate on guys like that, but I do find myself thinking how James Ellsworth finagle his way into the WWE? It just makes you wonder. I’ve got a lot of talent right her in my Reality of Wrestling they’re knocking, just scratching at that door... so when I see Ellsworth... it’s getting a little old.

Agree? Disagree? Good point? Sour grapes?

Give us your take, Cagesiders!