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Sasha Banks explains her back injury, or lack thereof

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When Charlotte won the women’s championship from Sasha Banks at SummerSlam back in August, it was immediately followed by reports “The Boss” had suffered a back injury. Not long after, it was revealed she wouldn’t need surgery and it was just a couple weeks later she was back on television running a fake retirement angle playing off it all.

So what the hell actually happened?

She explained as much to Sam Roberts on his podcast:

"You want the honest truth? Okay, so, we went on tour in Australia and it was such a long travel day, 16 hour flights, 8 hour flights, this and that. I came to Raw and I was like 'my back is really tight.' They freaked out, got me an X-ray and then that's what happened. It was just a bruised back. I told them I'm good to go and they're like 'well, your safety is first, we've gotta make sure you're 100-percent.' ... It drove me nuts, to be honest with you. I was telling them 'it's just a bruise.' But with WWE they're so cautious."

Just over a month later she won the women’s championship back on Raw before losing it again not even a month later at Hell in a Cell, again playing off the back injury.