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WWE Raw ratings (Nov. 7, 2016): Viewers up despite taped show

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WWE is overseas on its annual November tour, which means Monday Night Raw aired via tape delay this week. Despite that fact, the show drew more viewers than last week, going from 2.60 million up to 2.76 million viewers.

They even broke 3 million viewers for the first hour, though the usual pattern of gradual decline throughout the show continued.

Hour one: 3.06 million
Hour two: 2.73 million
Hour three: 2.50 million

What’s interesting here is this week’s show didn’t feature any promotion beforehand. There was no big match or segment WWE was pushing ahead of time. Even so, numbers were up from last week.

If nothing else, it looks like this is right around what the company can expect for viewership no matter what.

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