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Kevin Owens owns AJ Styles on Twitter, and provides the best inter-brand Survivor Series build yet

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There’s a lot of interesting match-ups, potential alliances and tensions involved in the three elimimation tag matches coming our way at Survivor Series in a couple weeks. But while the Raw and SmackDown leadership has done an okay job of selling the importance of bragging rights, there hasn’t been much talk of actual stakes to those two five-on-five and one ten-on-ten affairs.

Nothing like a little champion vs. champion smack talk to get things rolling.

It started innocently enough, with SmackDown’s WWE World champ bragging about his own superiority over everyone else in the men’s singles match:

Raw’s Universal champ hasn’t been as active on social media as he once was. But Kevin Owens picked AJ Styles’ Tweet as the first thing he wanted to post about since Nov. 2. Probably because he couldn’t pass up a chance to stir the pot about the Phenomenal One’s two match losing streak to a certain chinless underdog...

That’s the KO we know and love.